The 6 Basic Features to Consider Before Using Any Phone Tracker App

Many are times when parents are worried about their adolescents because of the many hazards surrounding them both virtual and physical. One rampant danger that has made many teens develop low self-esteem to an extent of committing suicide is cyberbullying.

Phone tracker app image 1This could be the saddest news that a parent would never want to hear concerning their young and vibrant teenager. Since over 80% of adolescents and teens use their phones regularly, it has turned out to be the best form of technology that cyber bullies are using to threaten and infiltrate pollution into these innocent minds. Here are the best apps to use.

Best Phone Tracker Apps

As a millennial parent, you are tasked with a duty of protecting your young adults from these negative influences. And since you cannot be with your lovely child every time and everywhere, you need a phone tracker that can give you details of where they are and what they are doing with their phones. Here are the top 5 best cell phone tracker apps that you can use:

  • SpyBubble – has features like instant alerts, email insights, GPS tracker, and social media monitoring among others.
  • The TruthSpy – this app spy on multimedia files, internet activities, calls, alert, and does voice recording among other functions.
  • mSpy – it offers features like app blocking, lacks jailbreaking, locks the phone, has a GPS tracker, and does website locking among others.
  • MobileSpy – this tracker app will enable you to access text messages, every website activity, every installed app, all social media accounts, GPS location, live control panel etc.
  • FlexiSpy – you listen to the surroundings of your child, record calls, view various multimedia files, control their internet use, and use spy cam to take snaps after every 10secs.

All the best cell phone tracker apps have various features that you should never ignore as a parent. That means any app you have chosen should bear all or most of these features.

Features that Should be in the Best Tracker App

  1. Track Location

The tracker app should have a GSP facility to help you identify where your child is. The geo-fencing feature will send the alerts when the child moves from the set location.

  1. SMS tracker

Short messages are a major way teens use to communicate and consequently, the same messages are used by the internet bullies to reach their victims. That’s why you need an app that can easily track the messages of the target device.

  1. Remote control

No matter how far your child is, the best cell phone tracker apps contain this feature that can easily control the device of your child without having any difficulty.

  1. Call Spy

Definitely, you need to know the incoming and outgoing calls that are reaching your child. A good app will also incorporate a feature that can record the conversation to know exactly what the caller was saying.

  1. View contacts and media files

Your tracker app should enable you to view the contacts of your child, their videos, images, and even the calendar events. This will keep you on track of what is happening in their lives.

  1. Social Media Spy

A good app should have a feature that enables you to access all the social media platforms that your child uses, whether it is FB, Instagram, E-mail, Snapchat, Skype, YouTube, WhatsApp or Messenger.


You don’t have to allow cyber bullies to infiltrate pollution into the mind of your young child. You can use tracker apps to monitor their whereabouts. And with the above features, you can choose the best cell phone tracker apps.