Are Feminized Seeds Easy to Grow?

Autoflowering feminized seeds have gained the attention of growers for their ease of cultivation, as well as the possibility to grow the first-class crop in a short time. Only female plants grow from seeds, which saves a lot of space in the grow box and money. If you grow cannabis exclusively for obtaining a tasty finished product, and not for cloning, you do not need male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds
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If you plant feminized seeds, the need to throw away males will disappear by itself, and females from Herbies will delight you with an excellent harvest. Let us find out the benefits of autoflowers and the features of their cultivation below.

Features of feminized cannabis seeds

These seeds are grown year-round in indoor and outdoor conditions because the flowering of the cannabis grown from them blooms does not depend on the season.

As soon as the cannabis bush reaches a certain age, it begins to bloom and form buds. The timing of flowering depends on the variety. Therefore, to find out the approximate time, study the information from the seed banks. In addition, the numbers are indicated on the seed package.

Feminized seeds have the following advantages:

  • Grains have high germination and huge potential.
  • Cannabis flowering occurs a couple of weeks after the appearance of cotyledons.
  • A grower can get several harvests in one season if they schedule the sowing correctly.
  • Small bushes grow from seeds, so they are easy to disguise from others and can easily fit in a small grow box.
  • Autoflowering feminized seeds are ideal for the first growth. Mistakes are unavoidable for beginners, and in this case, you minimize them.
  • Such cannabis does not require much attention — it is easy to cultivate.

The growth speed is the main advantage of feminized seeds. You will always have fresh buds in stock and without much effort.

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