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Have you ever thought about being a professional trader? Imagine earning by making smart trading decisions, all while using someone else’s money. This dream can now be a reality with Fidelcrest! Plus, there’s a special Fidelcrest promo code for newbies. Here’s a short review to get you started.

Understanding Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest, inaugurated in 2018, swiftly carved a niche for itself in the competitive trading landscape. More than just another proprietary trading entity, Fidelcrest distinguishes itself with its innovative approach. Their unique initiative aims to identify and nurture traders capable of generating sustainable long-term profits. 

Proprietary trading, often abbreviated as prop trading, involves financial firms or individual traders deploying their own capital to trade financial instruments. Fidelcrest thrives in this domain, offering a reliable platform particularly noted for forex trading, serving thousands of investors worldwide. Founded by a consortium of seasoned Forex traders and professionals, the management team at Fidelcrest boasts over a decade of international experience, ensuring that they bring both expertise and innovation to the table.

Fidelcrest Pro Trader Program Phases

Fidelcrest offers aspiring traders a pathway to professional trading through their Pro Trader Program. This comprehensive program consists of three main phases, designed to test and validate the trader’s skills and consistency. Here’s a breakdown of these phases:

Trading Challenge (Step 1):

  • This is the initial phase where traders are given a simulated trading environment to showcase their trading prowess.
  • Participants have a trading period of 30 days to meet specific criteria and demonstrate their strategies and discipline.
  • This phase helps Fidelcrest gauge the potential and capability of the trader before moving on to the subsequent stages.

Verification (Step 2):

  • After successfully completing the trading challenge, traders enter the verification phase, which spans 60 days.
  • Here, Fidelcrest monitors and verifies the trading strategies used by the trader, ensuring consistency and adherence to their trading plan.
  • Successful completion of this phase allows the trader to advance to the next professional stage, unlocking the potential to earn real money.

Fidelcrest Trader (Step 3):

  • This is the ultimate professional stage of the Pro Trader Program.
  • Traders who reach this phase have proven their trading skills, strategies, and discipline over the previous stages.
  • At this point, they get the opportunity to trade with real funds and earn a profit, marking their transition from an aspiring trader to a professional one.

For those interested in joining the Pro Trader Program, the journey begins by visiting the official Fidelcrest website and choosing between the Micro Trader and Pro Trader Programs using our Fidelcrest Promo Code ‘MM-15’ for 15% off.

Why Join Fidelcrest?

Joining Fidelcrest isn’t just about stepping into the realm of trading; it’s about partnering with an institution that is deeply invested in your growth and success. From generous funding of talented traders to world-class training and relentless support, here’s why Fidelcrest stands out in the crowded landscape of prop trading firms.

  • Funded Accounts: Taking the leap into the world of trading can be daunting, but Fidelcrest makes it rewarding for those with talent and dedication. After proving your skills through the Trading Challenge and Verification trials, Fidelcrest provides an unparalleled opportunity by offering funded accounts that can range up to an impressive $2 million. Such an offering showcases not just the company’s faith in the traders they onboard but also the magnitude of opportunities they’re willing to provide.
  • Training Programs: While many prop trading firms might stop at merely providing a platform for trading, Fidelcrest goes a step beyond. They prioritize the development of their traders, offering comprehensive training programs tailored to hone skills and elevate trading expertise. With these programs, even novice traders have the resources and guidance needed to become seasoned professionals.
  • Dedicated Support: The dynamic world of trading often poses unexpected challenges. Recognizing this, Fidelcrest ensures its traders are never left in the lurch. They’ve instituted a robust and dedicated support team, always on standby, ready to assist traders with queries, issues, or guidance. With Fidelcrest, traders can rest assured that they’re backed by a team that truly cares about their success.

There are tons of prop trading firms out there. So, why choose Fidelcrest? It’s simple. They have proven themselves since 2018. Traders who have passed their challenges vouch for their authenticity and benefits. This firm offers real opportunities, and it’s not just about false promises.

Remember Our Fidelcrest Promo Code ‘MM-15’ for 15% off

Fidelcrest brings a golden opportunity for traders, both new and experienced. With a mix of challenges, high funding, and solid support, it is a platform that genuinely looks out for its traders. If trading is your passion or if you’re looking to explore this world, Fidelcrest might be the best place to start. 

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