FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: Understanding Price Variations

One of the easiest methods of buying FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) coins is by purchasing them with real money. But how much is the coin, and what factors determine price variations? In answer to this question, we bring you the average prices and elements that could affect price differences, so you’ll know if you’re making profits in business or not.

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The Price of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins over the Years

It isn’t just about buying the cheapest FUT coins; you need to grasp some factors determining the coin’s price. For example, the quantity of the coin to be purchased, the platform, the month of purchase, the seller, payment methods, etc., all determine its prices.

The time of purchase is one of the most critical factors. For instance, when games are released in September, prices are wildly inflated at this time of the year. To a large extent, some FUT coins begin to build clubs. On the other hand, during summer, the coin is much higher in circulation. At this time of the year, players are hungry for a new version, leading to a fall in the prices of coins.

Price Variations of the FUT Coins

As earlier stated, factors determine the variation in prices of the FUT coins. These factors are detailed below:

  • Price Variation by Seller

On the same platform and during the same period of the year, sellers display different prices, which can be more than 50%. So it’s advisable to thoroughly search before buying coins.

Several websites are built mainly to sell FUT coins; you need to search them out. These websites buy coins at an appreciably reduced price and resell them when the profit is significantly high. In addition, price fluctuation is relatively low throughout the year.

Buying FUT coins from Forum is also a great option. The Forum helps you save about 15% profit against the websites and get reliable sellers’ feedback.

According to FUT’s study, the best place to buy is on Facebook pages because you save up to 40%, and the purchase is faster, all thanks to the chatbot.

  • Price Variation by Quantity Purchased

In real-life experience, buying many commodities, such as office products, etc., equals a reduced price per unit. The same goes for buying FIFA Ultimate Team coins in large quantities; you enjoy a lower cost per unit. The discounts range from 25% on every purchase via Facebook pages and 5% for purchases via the websites.

It implies that you’ll spend about 100 USD to purchase millions of FUT coins through the Facebook page and twice the amount to buy the coins on the websites.

  • Price Variation by Platform

The two platforms considered are PS3 and Xbox FUT coins. If you play on any of these platforms, remember that the PS3 coins cost 10% more than the Xbox. In addition, FUT coin prices generally are higher in the market for PS3 than Xbox.

It means you’ll be penalized twice if you’re a PS3 player. First, you must spend more money to build your team and buy more FIFA Ultimate Team coins.

  • Tips to Keep Safe with FUT Coins and Points

Whether dealing with FUT coins or points, you must safeguard your FIFA currency and play the game as expected. So check out these few tips to keep you safe.

  • Earn the FUT coins rather than buy them. You earn coins by playing matches or purchasing items on the Transfer Market. Buying from a third party and promoting coins, buying and distribution is against the rule.
  • Do not send FUT coins to a friend. It’s a form of coin distribution and is against the law. Instead, you can use the coin to get a FUT legitimate item from the Transfer Market.
  • Avoid receiving coins from a player or website in exchange for a subscription. It’s a bridge on the rules, and you can be banned.

How to Earn Cheap FIFA Ultimate Team Coins

Let’s further consider how to earn cheap FIFA coins even if you’re a new or casual player. Although casual or weekend players use these methods, they’re the most effective.

  • The Bronze and Silver Pack Method

This requires you to buy enough premium packs and wait, hoping to sell them in the market.

  • Get and use coin boosts

Coin boosts are multipliers for the game you play and win in the FUT matches. You get boosted when paired with the last advice, as you come closer to 1200-2000 coins per every match you win. You also get boosts by completing different objectives.

  • Claim special free packs

EA drops a bunch of special free packs in corporations with companies. These packs are a great way to acquire decent free players and sell them at a good bunch of coins.

  • Play squad battles and divisions rivals

Playing a few matches a week qualifies you to earn good rewards by the end of the week.


Considering the factors determining variation in the prices of FUT coins, it’s also noteworthy to consider earning these coins rather than buying them because of the cons involved. Although it makes be time-consuming and requires lots of patience, it is worth it.