Expert Tips: How to Find the Best LED Light with a camera in 2020

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We can all agree that:

Shopping for electrical equipment – especially security lighting fixtures – can be quite a hassle nowadays.

Why? Well, for starters, you’ll have to choose from a wide variety of products on the market. Moreover, not all of these products guarantee great value for money. So, you’re left with one troubling question in mind – “Which one is the best, and what makes it worth buying?”

If you can relate to this, don’t fret because you’re not alone. A lot of people often find themselves dealing with this predicament. Luckily, this post is all about breaking that stalemate. Here, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about a motion sensor light with a camera and why it’s imperative to get it for your exterior lighting.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Understanding the Meaning and Use of Motion Sensor Camera Lights

With technological advancement taking place at a much faster rate, security lighting has seen major improvements; adding a little bit of convenience, reliability, and safety with each update.

Nowadays, most outdoor light fixtures come with added features including:

  • Video recording (cameras).
  • Voice recording (mics) and playback (speakers).
  • Motion detection (via heat sensing and movement sensors).
  • Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi).
  • Timing and automation (e.g. the photocell for dusk to dawn functionality).
  • And so much more.

So, what does this mean?

Simply put: the best fixtures bought a decade ago pale in comparison to current systems. And that’s why there’s a need to migrate from old lighting systems to newer ones.

This is where a motion sensor light with a camera comes in.

What are they?

Well, these are modern security lighting fixtures that not only offer you motion-activated illumination but also the ability to see and record video footage of intruders trying to gain access to your home, business, or other property.

Benefits of Switching To Camera Security Light Fixtures

If you’re still wondering; “Why should I consider these lights?” here are a few perks you stand to enjoy:

  • Better Safety and Security

An outside sensor light with a camera is not only an awesome burglar-deterrent but also allows you to see them in advance; giving you enough time to assess the threat and react accordingly. It lessens the chances of a sneak attack and the video footage recorded can be used by law enforcement officers to identify and track down thieves or vandals that may have damaged or stolen something in your property.

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  • Top-Class Energy-Efficiency

Unlike traditional security lights that often stay ON all night, motion sensor camera lights only activate when they detect movement. That means that they spend most of their time on standby and only use up energy when it’s absolutely necessary. Plus, the fact that they switch ON when there’s movement outside means that you’ll be made aware of the intruder’s presence even before you get to your surveillance device to check the video feed. Awesome, right?

  • Very Cost-Effective

Switching ON only when there’s movement means that very little energy is used up per night, right? And when that happens, your monthly energy bills will be lower than usual. If that’s not good enough, there’s also the added benefit of your fixture aging at a very slow rate due to low usage. So, you’ll get to save more money on repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Impressive, right?

Well, there’s more…

Why are LEDs the Best Technology for Motion-Sensing Fixtures?

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A lot of people, nowadays, will tell you to “Go for LED fixtures.” If you’ve heard this before, you’ve probably wondered; “What’s all the fuss about LEDs?” Well, let me let you in on a few awesome secrets about these fixtures.

1. LED Lights Are Quite Energy-Efficient

It’s a fact that LEDs can cut your lighting costs by up to 80%. If you couple that with the fact that a motion detector light with a camera only turns ON when there’s movement, you get to save even more energy; as compared to traditional exterior lights.

2. They Are Impressively Durable

LED fixtures are well-known for their amazingly long lifespans. On average, these fixtures last up to 50,000 operational hours. That’s more than a decade of lighting at night or more for motion-sensing lights. This means that you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance or replacing your security lights any time soon.

3. LEDs Have Good CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI is a fixture’s ability to clearly and correctly show colors under its area of illumination. With LED lights, you can get a CRI rating of up to 90; only ten points shy of the maximum 100 (natural light). This means that LEDs offer you greater color representation and a more detailed recording environment for your exterior light with a camera; i.e. your fixture will be able to record better, quality videos.

4. LED Light Fixtures Are Easy To Add Features and Functionalities To

Unlike traditional light technologies, LEDs are quite flexible and easily accommodate modern features and functions. That’s why we have outdoor motion sensor light with a camera capabilities; this means that you can use the fixture for both illumination and remote surveillance. Cool, right?

Other features you can add to LED fixtures include wireless connectivity, dimming, daylight sensors, light color/temperature adjustments, and so on. This makes LED lighting highly viable for modern and improved home security/outdoor lighting.

5. These Fixtures Are More Convenient, Reliable, and Easy To Use

Take it from someone who’s been using LED lights for close to a decade, these fixtures are the most reliable and convenient lighting technology out there. Why? Well, here are a few reasons to support my claim:

  • For starters, LED lights switch ON instantly, thus, making them ideal for motion sensor application and instant movement detection/emergency reaction.
  • If you are working with flood lights, LEDs offer you impressive luminous efficacies; ensuring you get brighter illumination without using up a lot of energy.
  • Instant switching means that your fixture will be able to record clear and visible video footage via its camera as soon as motion is detected.

It’s all impressive, isn’t it?

Well, I know you might be thrilled by this and ready to go shopping for your motion sensor light and camera. But, wait!

Before you do that, here are a few tips you need to note.

Quick Shopping and Installation Tips for Security Lighting

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Let’s face it; shopping and installation is always the most important part of switching to a motion detector light and camera. Basically, you need to make the right purchase and carry out a flawless installation in order to get the most of your investment.

Therefore, here are a few professional shopping and installation tips that may come in handy:

1. Always Read through Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback on Any Product You Are Thinking of Buying

In doing so, you’ll be able to paint a clearer picture of what exactly you are buying, the experience you should expect, as well as any setback/downside not mentioned by the seller. But note that, sometimes, reviews can be doctored to make a false impression. Therefore, you shouldn’t use this as your sole decision metric.

2. Check How Many Features the Outdoor Sensor Light With a camera Has To Offer

In most cases, the more the features, the better; that’s because more features mean more functionality. Remember that even burglars and thieves keep getting smarter with time and that’s why having multiple security measures is the only way to outsmart them.

3. Ensure the Product You Buy Comes From a Reputable Manufacturer

Manufacturers also play an important role in any purchase process. You want to buy products from manufacturers who are invested in your security and not just making a profit. Such manufacturers include those who are always improving their products’ functionalities to improve the security and services they offer.

4. Install Your Fixtures in Strategic and Hard To Reach Spots

During installation, you have to plan your lighting layout. For starters, ensure you install them around the most vulnerable parts of your home, business, or property. This may include doors, windows, walkways, driveways, backyards, lawns, along your fence, at the gate/entrance, and so on. Also, the fixture should not be easily accessible; to prevent intruders from trying to disable or damage it when trying to access your home.

5. Ensure That Your Security Light’s Sensor and Camera are Not Obstructed by Anything

Note that the correct functionality of your fixtures will depend on where you place them. For example, installing a camera light with a tree in front of it will result in a blind spot that won’t be covered by the camera; plus, falling leaves from the tree may cause a lot of annoying false-positive alarms.

For more useful tips, check out this post on security camera installations.

In Conclusion…

Without a doubt, motion sensor light with camera technology is a game-changer when it comes to security lighting for homes and businesses. It makes it easier for you to protect and watch over your property and your loved ones even when you are away. And the best part is that the tips above will make it a tad bit easier for you to find the right exterior light with a camera for your property.

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