How to Find a Hidden Camera

Are you concerned about how to check for a hidden camera inside a hotel room, Airbnb rental, or even your own home? The following guide will show you how simple it is to find out when a camera is pointing at you. We’ll show you how to use a hidden camera detector to make the process quick and easy.

Find a hidden camera image for article 49392939495Anyone can learn how to search and find hidden cameras that are improperly spying on you. Let’s get started.

Identify the Type of Device

The first thing to think about is which type of device you may need to target and discover. This will vary depending on your situation.

You should assume that an audio device is being used in a business meeting, for example. Anyone using it is looking to discover what the meeting participants are discussing.

A camera is your target when staying at a hotel or bed and breakfast. It’s possible that the person using it wants to catch people in compromising situations.

Assume You’re Under Surveillance & Split Rooms Into Quadrants

The first step is to simply assume you’re being recorded as you enter a new Airbnb home or hotel room. Don’t worry, though. The odds are actually higher that you’re not being surveilled. Sweeping the room will give you the answer.

The second step is to split each room into quadrants as you stand in the middle. Use the below methods to clear each quadrant. This is a good way to go about it because it allows you to systematically clear each quadrant without missing anything.

Does Anything Appear Out of Place?

Ask yourself if anything looks suspicious as you look around each quadrant area. Do you see duplicate objects? This might include:

  • Coffee makers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Clocks

Other questions to ask as you scan the room:

  • Is any item positioned unusually?
  • Do you see holes in the ceiling or walls?
  • Do appliances have suspicious lights, exposed wiring or anything else unusual? Look at phones, clocks, televisions, coffee pots, hair dryers, etc.

Check All Outlets

Check for cameras that may be hidden 4989389849893893A power source is required to keep many hidden cameras in operation. Other devices, such as a wifi hidden camera, might run on a battery. However, surveillance devices used to constantly monitor a room will need power from an electrical outlet.

Sweep all outlets and pay attention to what’s plugged into them. Is anything plugged in that seems odd or out of place? Hidden video cameras sometimes need to be positioned in such a way as to gain the best vantage point.

A camera might look odd because it needed to get aimed at the bed, dresser or bathroom door frame. Pay close attention to anything pointed at high-traffic areas such as the front door, hallway or bathroom.

Check All Mirrors

Make sure you don’t have a two-way mirror in the room. Your fingertips are helpful here. The reflection won’t touch your fingertips on most normal mirrors. You’ll notice a gap of about a quarter inch.

find a hidden camera - check mirrorsThe reflection will touch your finger on a two-way mirror. You can also test for a two-way mirror by shining a flashlight through it with the lights turned off. This will help you see if anything is located behind the mirror.

Using Technology to Check for Hidden Cameras

One way to sweep a room for hidden cameras is to use a radio frequency (RF) unit. Your RF detector will scan a room and discover anything emitting radio waves. You’re looking for devices that are transmitting images to an outside monitor. A tone will emit from your RF device and become louder or faster as you hone in on the exact device causing the radio waves.

Find a hidden camera detector that allows you to scan from around 400 MHz up to 20+ GHz. Most hidden camera devices will resonate between 450 MHz to 6 GHz and you want to make sure you pick up on anything within this range.

You should be able to find an affordable hidden camera detector that will get the job done each time you visit a new hotel, Airbnb or bed and breakfast.

Use a Camera Lens Detector

Keep in mind that RF detectors are good at finding a wifi hidden camera. You also want to check for hidden cameras that save and record to an SD card. This is where a camera lens detector is helpful.

Your camera lens detector picks up light reflecting off the recording camera’s lens. The camera lens will illuminate or light up on the camera lens detector’s viewing screen.

Turn Off Devices That Interfere With Hidden Camera Detectors

Turn off any laptops, cell phones, Bluetooth devices or tablets in the room. These items might emit RF signals and interfere with your sweep of the room.

By the way, a great way to test your RF hidden camera detector is to sweep it over your cell phone prior to powering off the phone. If it picks up the phone’s frequency, then you know it’s working correctly.

“Paint” the Walls

Go through each room quadrant and “paint” the wall. This means you scan the wall up and down, covering the entire area as you walk. Keep your eyes peeled for any holes and listen for sounds from your hidden camera detector.

Repeat this process with your camera lens detector. Move to the next quadrant until the entire room has been cleared.

What to do When Finding a Hidden Camera

Don’t disturb the device. If you’re in a bed and breakfast or hotel room, you might want to call the police immediately. They will come and start an investigation into who placed the device.

If you’re at an Airbnb, contact the owner and let them know what you found.

Of course, you can also place something in front of the device and immediately prevent the unit from surveilling you. You now have peace of mind knowing that you know how to check hidden camera and prevent any uncomfortable future situation.


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