Find Out Whether You Need To Add Box Spring For Your Mattress

Buying a new mattress is already a very difficult task, especially when you want to add a box spring into your mattress, which will further introduce many other complexities. You may have to visit a number of websites, try to learn about the number of manufacturers, and depending upon the bed sizes you have to look for different options available.

Your selection of box spring can become further complicated in case the supplier of the mattress insists that both the mattresses need to be coupled and fixed with the bed in order to meet the warranty conditions.

Why do you need a box spring?

The box spring is designed with a steel box type of structure where springs are fitted in the middle so that you can get an extra amount of bounce in the bed. If you remember your childhood days then perhaps you can recollect that your parents used to scold you for jumping on the bed. That is because while you jump on the bed there is always a risk of breaking or bursting these springs.

Nowadays, the beds do not come with box springs and even if used it will be much different from the bedding of olden times. Just by adding this box spring, the mattress will absorb all the pressure in an even manner all across its surface. It not only provides an extra amount of bounce but also increases the life span of your mattress.

The box spring will vary if your bed is made of a wooden or metal frame. In many cases, users avoid the frame and prefer to have a box spring structure.

Consider whether you need any new foundation

Most of the box spring does not undergo the same levels of wear and tear as any mattresses may go through. Therefore, often users cannot decide when to replace their old bed base.

There are few customers who buy a new mattress but still prefer to use the same old box springs. The average life of any box spring is around 8 to 10 years. However, the exact amount of wear and tear will be based upon the usages of the bed, the weight of the person sleeping on it and the quality of the mattress used.

In the ideal case, you must replace both your old box spring and mattress together.

Therefore, as soon as you buy a new mattress you must start looking for a new box spring based on the specification of the new mattress. Some people may suffer from shoulder, neck or back problems because of changing the old mattresses. That is an indication that your old box spring needs to be changed so that you may get better and uninterrupted sleep during the night.

What is the right way to use a box spring?

The box spring is usually placed in between the bed frame and the mattress. According to experts, the bed base must be complemented with a stiffer mattress. By introducing box spring, even the firmest mattress will appear to be a softer mattress. As this box spring provides necessary support to the mattress therefore it is necessary that it should be placed immediately under the mattress.

Therefore, it is important for you to select the box spring from a well-reputed company or mattress manufacturer who also supplies such springs. Since the aim is to provide necessary comfort, it is important that both springs and the mattress are well designed and sync with each other.

How to maintain the bed height after using box spring?

Nowadays, very few people like to spend money on the bed base. Also, most of the mattress manufacturers design their mattresses without considering the use of any additional box spring. Therefore, they hardly provide any warranty for using their mattress along with a box spring. Most of the best mattresses are placed on the bed surface and no consideration is given for the installation of any springs on the bed base.

However, a person who is used to sleeping in a bed with an additional box spring will find it extremely uncomfortable to sleep on the bed without any spring attached to it. Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, you may slightly modify your bed base as follows:

  • You need to check the platform of the bed and see whether its height needs to be modified to accommodate the new mattress. There is a possibility that by removing a couple of inches from all four corners of the frame you can adjust the height of the bed to the proper position. The purpose is to get rid of extra height so that users may not feel inconvenience.
  • Also, take notice of the four legs of the bed and if needed you may cut it down on all four legs in order to get the desired height for your bed.
  • You must measure each leg very carefully and use a proper saw to cut it down and make sure that the leveling of the bed is not disturbed due to your action.

After modification, there may be chipping of polish in the bed, which you need not bother much as it will remain concealed under the mattress and does not require any special attention. After the new platform has been fixed for your new mattress, you will find the same level of comfort on your new mattress too.

Why are bed bases no longer too popular?

A few years back box springs were a must for every household. Therefore, if you have an old bed then it must be having the necessary bed base to accommodate springs. However, for the last few years, people are not using box springs so much. There are a number of drawbacks observed by using these springs and therefore many people often question the necessity of using any box spring at all. Some of the drawbacks are as follows:

  • Consume lots of space

In most homes, beds with solid horizontal frames raise the height. By adding another box spring will further raise the height of the bed and that often makes it difficult for you to get out of bed early in the morning. Also, lots of spaces get consumed.

  • Do not allow any extra storage space

Box beds and olden day’s platform beds had storage space underneath. However due to height constraint now no storage space can be provided under the bed.

  • Need to be replaced or rotated

In due course of time springs may lose their support quality and because of that either they need to be replaced or shifted in their position.

  • Springs are costly

The spring costs a considerable amount of money and if you want to install them again after replacing your mattress then you have to spend a good amount of money.

What can be popular alternatives to box springs?

Since the purpose of having a box spring is to provide an extra amount of bounce and absorb the shock of the mattress, therefore many people are looking for different alternates to get the same effects.

Following are a few alternatives to box spring that need to be considered while selecting a new mattress.

  • Innerspring mattresses

This is rather a cost-effective solution for almost all types of beds and they can be made available in different shapes and sizes. Though they are quite similar to traditional mattresses but can offer much better support. There are very few chances of sagging that has been experienced in box springs. They can also retain our body heat and are very suitable for people living in colder regions. It is considered to be the cheapest alternative.

  • Memory foam mattress

Though it is not a cheaper alternative but quite good for light sleepers. It remembers the body shape and adjusts, accordingly.

  • Platform beds

Those who do not prefer box spring may consider platform beds that are available of both metal as well as wooden.

  • Hybrid mattress

It is a memory foam layer at the top and innerspring at the bottom and you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Adjustable beds

This can be the most expensive option but can be most comfortable too. You can adjust such beds for all kinds of needs, such as alleviating sleep apnea and snoring.

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