Finding A Perfect Bed For a Small Space – Know These 6 Tips Before Buying

Creating more space in a room can be difficult, especially when you already have a small room. The bed you buy for your room plays a role if you want to make your room look bigger. Today, the markets are flooded with different types of beds and bed sheet. Some are less space-consuming, while others take up a lot of space, thus making your room look compact. 

If you are on the hunt to buy a perfect bed for your small bedroom, let us help you out. Here are the tips for selecting the right bed for a small space. 

A Murphy Wall Bed 

A Murphy wall bed is one of the most sought-after options that you can consider for your small room. The compactness of this bed makes it a go-to option for small apartments where there is already a big storage problem. 

Murphy beds come in various shapes and sizes. They remain connected to a wall and appear as an attractive cabinet wall when you lay them upright. You can even get a custom Murphy bed design at a furniture store. 

A Modern Platform Bed 

If you want to make your room look bigger and improve the aesthetic appeal at the same time, choose a modern platform bed. In general, platform beds sit a lot lower than most beds. This arrangement gives the illusion of taller ceilings and wider spaced rooms, even though the bed takes up the same floor space as other beds. A modern platform bed features a simple and sleek design. 

Some of these beds are slightly elevated, while others lay flat on the floor. You can also buy platform beds with drawers to enjoy some extra storage space. 

A Hidden Sofa Bed 

Hidden sofa beds are a great option for people who live in studio apartments. To turn your sofa into a bed, remove the cushions and pull out a metal-framed bed underneath. The biggest advantage of a hidden sofa bed is its ability to expand when needed. 

A Trundle Bunk Bed 

A bunk bed makes the perfect choice for your kids’ bedroom. If two or more kids share a room together, we urge you to buy a trundle bunk bed. This option gives you two twin-sized beds plus a rollout bed which you can place on either side. 

The best feature about a bunk bed is its dual-purpose storage steps that lead up to the top bunk. You can buy this bed at an affordable price. 

An Ottoman Storage Bed 

An ottoman storage bed is a good option if you are experiencing a lack of space in your bedroom. The bed is functional and visually appealing at the same time. The ottoman-style bed is perfect for a Boho-themed room. Even if your room has no theme, this bed is a great choice. 

What’s even better about this bed is the storage it offers. With a good amount of space for storage, you can store anything, ranging from your bed sheets, pillows, curtains, clothes, and more. Ottoman storage beds are available at many furniture platforms at competitive prices. 

A Futon Bed 

If you want to keep everything simple in your small room or have a restricted budget, a futon bed makes the right choice. A futon bed can be converted from a couch to a bed. All you need to do is to push down on the angled backrest of the Futon and watch how quickly it takes the shape of the bed. 

Some futon beds also include drawers offering hidden storage for your essentials. You can choose from a multitude of material options. 


We hope the above-listed guide helps you choose the right bed for your small space. Now that you know all the options, it’s time to buy the best one.

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