Finding Inspiration in Culture’s Outspoken Figures

While the all-pervasive nature of modern media means that news and views are available anywhere, at any time of the day, there have been downsides for the most outspoken figures.

Cancel Culture - image explaining what it is.
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As even balanced research shows, such as this analysis from Pew, ‘cancel culture’ is a real phenomenon – and it can help to bend perception of reality, and potentially silence voices simply for the fact that they are outspoken. While this is a necessary act of accountability in some cases, in others, it can lead to voices being drowned out. Often, looking to those outspoken figures who have received media censure can reveal important inspiration.

Psychology in modern America

There is an ongoing mental health pandemic across the world, and especially in the west – the USA included. The charge of consumerism has created a disconnect between human nature and daily life, and this has created a lack of personal philosophy. It is interesting that when looking at the history of depression, Very Well Mind notes the use of philosophy and self-analysis by the ancient Greeks to ‘cure’ the condition.

This lack of philosophical and psychological knowledge is something well understood by Dr Jordan B Peterson. Jordan Peterson is known for his books on modern psychology and philosophy, and especially for young men who feel lost in the modern world. Some of his views have been taken as controversial, or as outspoken; however, there is a lot to be gained from looking at his simple conversion of philosophy to tenets – like his 12 Rules.

Chess and principled stands

Image of Boris Kasparov plus text about him.
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One individual who has been so outspoken that it has, potentially, put his life at risk, is Garry Kasparov. A Russian chess grandmaster who has been in exile due to his views, Garry isn’t loved across the west, either, with some seeing him as unhelpful, according to NPR. There’s a lot of inspiration to be taken from Kasparov, however, in his defiant stand against the Russian authorities despite once being a representative of the country, and indeed, he has been a motivational speaker for many years.

From all sides

Arnold Schwarzenegger in work abroad article 4444
Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually became the 38th Governor of California.

One of the most interesting examples of an outspoken celebrity is perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie was always a source of great inspiration. He had a tough upbringing, and his feats in the world of bodybuilding and then acting are the stuff of legend. However, after largely retiring from the big screen, Arnie moved into politics – and took a lot of flak for it. As Insider notes, Arnie, as Republican gubernatorial candidate for California, took a lot of criticism from one side; and then, as he moved on to later criticize the Republicans, he was criticized from the other. Arnie is a great example of why sticking to your principles is important, and an inspiration for hard work and consistency through life.

Looking to outspoken figures, and understanding why they are so criticized, can help to provide inspiration for your own private life. Lessons can be learned in adversity, and that’s essential for a balanced experience in life.