Finding Out the Optimal Explainer Video Length

If you’ve decided to record one or more training videos for your company, this is the right direction. Let’s say you’ve even already decided on a topic. Now you need to think, what will be the optimal length of the video? Your final product should meet two basic requirements:

  1. To accommodate all the necessary information;
  2. Hold the viewer’s attention and get the message across. 

Marketers, after numerous studies, have concluded that the most effective is a 1-minute explainer video. Of course, if you have a lot of complex material that describes the technical properties of the product, the clip length of 3 minutes will do. But every other 10 seconds, the concentration of the viewer’s attention decreases. 

What Is Explainer Video And Why Your Business Needs It?

A short training video can look like a full mini-film or like a colorful presentation consisting of slides. You can make high-quality video editing with the help of special services, such as 3d explainer video with Explain Ninja

The main purposes of creating short educational videos are:

  • Official explanations on the use of complex products;
  • Disclosure of the company’s goals and mission;
  • Additional brand advertising and consumer demand generation. 

Any business you develop needs advertising. If you have a complex product or service, don’t miss the opportunity to introduce it in more detail to your target audience. If your products are very simple, like shampoo or handbags, add some humor or tell a brand story. People, including your potential customers, like to be engaged in a dialogue. 

Audience Retention Rate Is Related to Explainer’s Duration

The end product doesn’t have to be expensive for you. But it does have to be of high quality. The result depends on how much effort you put into it. Your audience will either appreciate your video and share it with friends, or ignore your efforts. 

To avoid this, pay maximum attention to the preparation. You need to gather information about the product and the company. Then, choose only the most important things. The commercial should reflect the position of the brand in the market. Be sure to use rave colors and slogans when editing. 

How to write a script? 

When preparing short videos, it is important to pay maximum attention to an interesting script and storyboard. Think about a dynamic introduction and a vivid plot development. Many people make the same mistake the first time. Inexperienced screenwriters try to fit too much text. In fact, the fewer words there are, the more of them people will remember.

What about videos more than 3 minutes long?

If a video is longer than 3 minutes, the viewer’s attention becomes unfocused. The length of the video should depend on the content and your goals. Of course, when you need to do a complete guide to a complex product, it’s acceptable to go a little overboard. This is justified in terms of benefits to the target audience. But in this case, it’s worth thinking about a series of short instructional videos. This will also help to further fuel the viewers’ interest. If it’s about the company’s mission or advertising, exceeding the limit of 3 minutes is highly undesirable. 


You don’t have to hire an expensive video cameraman, director and lighting director to make a quality training video. Pay more attention to the pitch and marketing strategy. Use special services for quality frame stitching and special effects. If you don’t have time to deal with templates, software developers can do it for you.

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