Finding Your Self Storage Unit At The Last Minute

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There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re moving into a new home and not having enough room for all of your stuff. It’s easy to get stressed because the thing you didn’t know how to store is all the furniture that used to stay in the dining room, or that your kids wanted to watch everything on Netflix.

So, before you buy anything, find out what self-storage facilities are in your area and get it all there so that when it’s time for a move you won’t be scrambling as much. So, how does one find a self-storage unit at the last minute? One way is to start researching now, and then continue to search for units once you have an idea of what numeric square footage is best for you.

It’s never too early to start looking. Another way is to take advantage of a for self-storage facility that will help you find the perfect unit for your needs. With so many different sizes and features, they are confident that they will be able to accommodate your needs, no matter how big or how small.

Last-Minute Manoeuvres: Moving Tips

Movers are well-versed in the art of packing and moving items. However, they’re not all well-versed in moving tips. To help ensure you can make the right decisions without running into too many hiccups, here are a few suggestions to help you out!

1. Secure a Place to Live on Short Notice:

Search for available apartments or homes to rent, whether on Craigslist or with a property management company. You may need to provide first, last, and security deposits upfront.

If you can’t find anything in your price range, ask friends or relatives if they have an extra room or space you can live in until you find a permanent place.

Contact local landlords and inquire about their availability – offer to take over their current lease. Some landlords will do this provided that the tenants are moving out of the unit for good reasons such as military deployment.

2. Pack with a Quick Deadline:

Packing is no fun, but it’s necessary when you have a tight deadline. So if you’re moving within a month, or you know that your old items won’t last through the move, pack up quickly.

If you have helpers who are nearby, have them help with packing as well. It’s not only quicker for everyone involved, but also saves wear and tear on your body and back.

Consider taking pictures of all of your belongings before packing so that you can organize them when unpacking later (or at least see what’s where).

3. Consider All Your Costs:

Don’t underestimate the costs of a move. It’s not just the cost of your moving truck but also how much it will cost to rent a storage unit for any belongings you’re keeping out of the new home. If you are renting, be sure to factor in the cost of postponing your lease and what that would mean for your monthly payments.

One way to offset some of these costs is by selling what you no longer need before you pack up and leave so be sure to list your items on various websites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or eBay if they are still in good condition.

4. Take Control of Your Last-Minute Move

If you’re trying to stay on budget, but don’t have the time or money for a full-on moving service, is here to help!

In addition to keeping items safe and secure in one unit, they offer packing kits that can be delivered straight to your door. These kits will make it easy for you and your family (if any) to pack all of your belongings – transforming last-minute moves into a stress-free experience!

5. Find Last-Minute Moving and Storage Help near You:

If you’re lucky, you will have about a month-long window for finding the moving and storage services that work best for your needs. But if you’re unlucky, then this may not be the case, especially if you need to arrange your move at the last minute. What can one do in such cases? Well, first off, try not to stress! Especially because there is help out there for those who need it.

No need to put yourself at the mercy of moving companies with sky-high rates or scouring ads and calling every number. You can find last-minute helpers online by checking sites like or bulletin boards in your community.


In conclusion, self-storage units (even the last minute ones) are not just for hoarders, people who have a hard time making decisions, and folks recovering from natural disasters. They are also for people like you, who need an affordable place to store their belongings while they make their homes more livable.

Self-storage units are the perfect solution – they come with climate control and entrance security, so there’s less chance of having to clean up mould or deal with uninvited cats. Self-storage units offer convenient monthly payment plans and one-time payments.

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