Fine to Ultrafine Wire Drawing with ND Drawing Dies

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ND or natural diamonds are formed within the earth at extreme pressure and extreme temperature and therefore are very rigid and almost pure. It can get contaminated by boron and nitrogen a few natural impurities of nature. Due to these properties nddies that have natural diamonds are regarded as very high-quality and highly accurate. The nd drawing dies therefore are used in fine to ultra-fine applications where the wire surface quality becomes critical. They are now widely used where the wire surface quality is of utmost importance for the industry and produce precision wire, high drawing performance, and low power consumption due to low friction. They are frequently used for drawing bonding wire like gold, copper, and aluminum, Tungsten filament wire, stainless steel wire, special alloys, EDM wire, precious metal wires, and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloy wire. 

It is noteworthy that industries prefer natural diamonds as a raw material for wire drawing, bunching, stranding, and compacting dies. They also are used for burnishing dies and extrusion dies. Again, the wire drawing die must be selected according to the size and specification. You can ask a technical consultant or professional staff at the SZWIREDIE website so that you get the best solution to your problem.

Nano Dies and ND Dies

The nano dies are constructed by manufacturing a Tungsten Carbide die and then cooling the working surface of the die. It is done with 2 or 3 very fine layers of diamond. The nano diamond coated dies to use unique nanocrystalline diamond composite structures that enhance productivity, unlike traditional diamond tooling. The ND dies on the other hand are from natural diamonds and produce precision wire with excellent finishing and low power consumption. 

The natural monocrystalline diamond die is best used for creating ultra-fine wires 0.008-2.0 mm. For the nano wire drawing die, it is best for 50mm to 120mm. 

When using Nano dies manufacturers get maximum operational savings and minimum loss of materials. Several cable manufacturers have also found that replacing tungsten carbide dies with Nano dies results in the highest savings. You can find out more by contacting SZWIREDIE technical staff for the best solution and newer possibilities. 

Benefits of ND Dies

Apart from fine to ultrafine finish the nd wire drawing dies are known for their hardness and wear resistance that ensures die life, excellent recutability, lowest die pull and friction, longest life span for any die material, and highest production efficiency with less downtime. 

The wire drawing dies is an important part of the drawing process required by manufacturers. It is also linked to other parts of the machine and hence you must know about the lubricants, raw materials, etc so that overall the whole process works well. The drawing machine must therefore be maintained properly, and operate in a trouble-free manner. 

If you browse the website of SZWIREDIE company you can get more information and their contact number and email address. Customer care is available 24 x 7 and all your queries will be answered without much delay.

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