Fire Up your Dual Monitor Setup During Work From Home

The COVID-19 outbreak has led businesses to transform into a remote working environment. Amid this, the need is to ensure maximum productivity at home and keep the progress of operations unaffected. You can use any productivity app to maximise productivity. SmartWindows is one productivity app to empower your dual monitor setup.

The rapid transition from office to work-from-home workplace setup is quite troubling for some. The reason is that you have access to all the equipment and resources at your office workspace that might not be available at home. Not only this, your office setup and environment contribute to increased productivity at work but when it comes to assuring it in a work-from-home setup, you need to look at the ways that can help you achieve more in less time. Dual monitor setup is one of the best approaches towards multitasking and maximizing work productivity.

What is a Dual Monitor Setup?

A dual monitor setup is the one in which you use two monitors/screens for work instead of one. The purpose of the dual monitor setup is quite obvious. It allows you to easily access multiple apps you are working on and eliminate the tiresome activity of switching back and forth between a bunch of different desktop apps.

Below is a scenario that can help you understand the benefits of dual monitors in work-from-home.

Whether you are a project manager or a designer, a software engineer or a SAS programmer, a marketing executive or a writer, you are supposed to work on multiple apps at the same time. You might have opened browser windows and MS Office files on one screen and a free link shortener or your other primary apps on the other screen. Being a project manager, you might have opened project management tools on one screen, data analytics tools, and tracking apps on the other screen. It becomes easy to open and view all these apps on a broad and visually clean interface where you could browse, analyze, and write all at the same time.

With a dual monitor setup, you can spread apps on two screens as increased space makes it easy for you to juggle between the browsers, apps, and documents. Moreover, it allows you to multitask and efficiently work on multiple apps simultaneously.

Empower Dual Monitor Setup with Productivity Apps

Leverage the power of technology to fire up your dual monitor setup. For instance, you can use productivity apps to boost productivity during remote work. Wunderlist, Trello, Evernote, Stayfocusd, RescueTime, SmartWindows, etc. are some top productivity apps for you to use to get more jobs done in less time.

SmartWindows is one productivity app for your Windows 10 and 11 that allows you to auto-arrange the apps on one or many screens. It also supports multiple browsers and tabs to open previously closed tabs automatically.

Similarly, Trello is one data management platform where you can keep track of all your tasks in a very organized manner. You can upload tasks, assign priority, add documents and comments in each to efficiently manage different projects and tasks. All these apps help you empower your dual monitor setup and work in a smarter way. Some apps also help you remember the window size and position of each app you have arranged on your desktop screen. Learn more.

Advantages of Dual Monitor Setup

Below are the advantages of using a dual monitor setup:

  • Two distinct monitors help you create different work zones where you could handle multiple apps altogether.
  • Isolate the apps on one screen to focus on a particular task at a time and monitor others on the second screen.
  • Dual monitor setup increases productivity at work.
  • It allows you to organize the apps according to your liking and multitask when needed.

To conclude, the need of the hour is to employ smart ways to power up your workspace at home. For this, a dual monitor setup is one of the best choices when it comes to multitasking and increasing productivity at home. So are you planning to upgrade your work setup?

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