Steps to get started with your first email marketing campaign

Email marketing is the absolute most impressive channel to stay connected with your customers, and it tends to be utilized to accomplish various goals. So, it is much needed to understand steps to get started with your first email marketing campaign.

Email marketing campaign image 4994994But in any case, before hopping in head first, it’s advantageous pausing for a moment to consider your objectives and what you truly need to accomplish with emails as a channel for your marketing strategy, as that will direct the sort of campaigns that you will be sending, who you focus on, the content you incorporate, and how you measure achievement.

Email ought to be a significant segment of each advanced promotional plan as a result of its adequacy in driving revenue and building brand loyalty. The most important task here is to pick the right tool for a robust email delivery experience, because a tool takes care of your wonderfully crafted emails to go in inbox rather than the spam folder.

Let’s get started with the steps to perform an Email marketing Campaign.

  1. Establish your objectives

The way to building up the right objectives for your email marketing activity is to adjust them to your organization’s more extensive promoting objectives and KPIs.

Some goals can be sales and promotions, re-targeting your customers, welcoming them to your subscriber list, providing them with the updates of your product etc.

  1. Build your own email list

Since you have built up your objectives and what you need to accomplish from email marketing, you can simply use the best email service provider to help you send those emails, You can create gated content- that can provide value to your customers, it’s an ideal opportunity to fabricate your email list so you can begin your email sending efforts according to the objectives.

It is always beneficial to not purchase your email list and build it from scratch. Although, then you will ask that your list will not be a mass/ bulk email list but never mind! You will eventually have one and grow your list with time.

  1. Select the campaign type

The type of the campaign will depend upon the goals that you have set for your email marketing strategy.

What can be the different types of email marketing campaigns?

  • Welcome Email Campaign– This is one when you want to show how happy you are when there is a new subscriber getting in your email list. You welcome them to be the part of your brand family and make sure that they feel that they are important.
  • The Newsletters-This is when you want to give your subscribers the update of the happening around your brand. This will not include your promotion or sales pitches, it is to add value and stay connected with your subscribers.
  • The Re-engagement Campaign-There might be times when your subscribers are not engaging with your emails, this campaign attempts to bring your inactive users back as your brand loyalist. It is very important to perform this campaign before you remove them from your list.
  • Event Invitation– If you are organizing an event then you would surely want your customers to participate in that, you can send email invites to your most active users and see your event going successful.
  • Triggered Email Campaign-This happens when you want your users to keep updated with their own actions that they are taking while they are interacting with your brand online. Your email can be sent at various actions that you choose according to your industry.
  1. Start creating your first campaign

With such a limited span of focus, you can accept individuals aren’t intently perusing your email campaigns in exactly the same words and are rather looking over them searching for something of value or interest.

In this manner, composing long content and overwhelming email campaigns isn’t the    best methodology. You have to structure your messages to channelize people into perusing your content while nurturing them towards the call to action.

To ensure that your emails are not just one in the clutter of emails in customers’ inbox, you need to grab attention of your subscribers. Try the below points to do the same.

  1. Use images and visuals
  2. Use personalization
  3. Use the best subject lines
  4. Use your brand domain/ subdomain to send emails to make it more legit.
  5. Use the best Email Service provider who will help you with all the technicalities.

You can now start sending your first marketing campaign with the help of the email delivery tool so that your emails do not go in spam. The software no doubt helps you with various processes that will help you to have a good email sending or IP reputation.

Wrapping up

Send your email campaigns strategically and in a timely manner!

Planning and strategizing your email campaigns helps you to avoid overwhelming your subscribers with too much of the content or forgetting about your brand because of too less of the content.

Frequency of your emails matters a lot, and your email calendar can help you to get better revenue as well as engagement from your subscribers. Proper planning of your email sending frequency can not only help to have a trust a loyal relation with your customers but also with the mailbox providers as they will be able to recognize your sending patters.

Do remember to take note of the time and day where the emails are getting the maximum opens and clicks so that you know when is the right time to send emails to your audience.

If you follow these steps religiously then your campaign can be very successful and then no one can stop your business to touch height and achieve the best ROI.

Happy Emailing!


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