10 fitness accessories and gadgets everyone needs

Are you a fitness freak? A gym-rat or a workout-at-home fanatic? Whatever your choice of work out may be, you need the right accessories and gear to make the most of your fitness regime. An ill-equipped gym bag can mess with the best of workouts.

Fitness accesseries press ups two people imageTo make sure you enjoy your time exercising and find the right stuff, here is a list of essentials that any active man or woman should check out. The best part? These accessories are just right for a slow yoga session or a sweat-intensive HIIT session. So, without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Water bottle:

Never underestimate the power of hydration or a good quality water bottle. You can obviously rely on your gym’s water fountain but why break your routine and step out mid-workout when you can carry your personal water bottle. Choose a bottle that’s vacuum insulated so the temperature of the water stays cool.  Or if you prefer hot water then the vacuum insulated bottle will ensure the water is hot.

Other good options are stainless steel, glass and last but not least an infusion bottle for that zingy taste of lemon and mint.

2. A pair of socks and a clean towel

Make sure you place clean clothes and socks in your gym locker or bag right at the outset so you don’t have to move around in a sweaty pair, post workout.

3. Mini bands

Not many gyms or studios have enough space for you to run around or skip for your warm exercise. Resistance bands may be one of the greatest fitness inventions. Something you can keep at your home, your office and your gym. The best part about mini bands is that you can use them to exercise every single part of your body and a single pack has enough resistance options to adjust your workouts according to your fitness plan.

Mini bands are effective for both upper and lower body training and when used in tandem with other exercises, band sequences can activate the core and prime movers, synergists as well as stabilizers in the hip and shoulder region.

4. Yoga mats

Fitness accessories yoga mat image 444444While most studios and classes provide a yoga mat, if you are serious about your yoga practice, then you must buy your own yoga mat. This is because owning yoga mats helps you build a strong connection with the yoga practice. Plus, you can roll up the mat and take it wherever you like. It is also more hygienic to use your own and you can decide which type and quality of mat you want to invest in.

5. Foam roller or tennis ball

Who doesn’t face the occasional muscular pain trouble in the gym. Investing in a foam roller can help you deal with this pain. A foam roller is a simple but effective self-massage device that helps you to apply pressure on problem areas both pre- and post- exercise.

To use it, apply steady rolling motion and moderate pressure to sweep the roller across the targeted areas. If it feels uncomfortable, you are doing it right. If you don’t want to carry a foam roller then a tennis or lacrosse ball is the perfect substitute to relieve muscle soreness.

6. Earbuds and tunes


Earbuds and music image 4994994Music is an integral part of any work out. Be it relaxing music for yoga or piped music for an intense workout. However, if you don’t enjoy the same overdone workout music at your gym, then be sure to get your own mp3 player and earphones. Make sure you have enough battery life on the device and invest in a quality pair of earbuds that is wireless and sweat resistant. Now you can carry your own music and tune out all the noise.


Investing in quality gym gear can help you stay on track and motivated. You can even set up milestones to shop for your fitness gear. Such as a new pair of running shoes, once you reach a certain goal or a smartwatch.


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