Why Play Fitness-Themed Slot Machines in Quarantine?

Locked inside our houses, we have been worrying about our health for several months already, trying not only to avoid the virus but also keep our bodies in shape. Jokes about pandemic weight gain during the quarantine are ubiquitous on the internet. Because people are prevented from doing their usual activities and spend most of their time planted on a sofa, they understandably worry that when they finally leave their houses, they will need to go directly to a store to buy for themselves larger clothes.

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2020, therefore, might enter the annals of human history not only as the year of the devastating plague but also of epidemic weight increase.

Conscious of the danger of mass weight gain, many sportsmen and fitness instructors have recently been making videos and writing informative articles on how to get fit at home. Fitness gurus assure people that they can remain slim and even get the bodies they always wanted without gym equipment.

Exercising at home

It is perfectly possible to exercise in the confinement of your home using random objects scattered around one’s living room. There are different and highly useful home workout hacks: you can train your upper and lower body simply by utilizing your staircase or a chair. If you do not have dumbbells or kettlebells at home, you can lift a 40-pound jug of water which you order from water companies. With such jug, you can do a shoulder press up and over or chisel your abs, or train your gluteal muscles. Or you can pull yourself up by clutching your doorway.

If such helpful home workout hacks do not inspire you, you may derive inspiration from online fitness-themed slot machines. Many people attracted to online gambling are encouraged more by their favorite casino-slot characters than by sportsmen and fitness trainers posting videos and pictures on YouTube and Instagram.

Finnish gamblers, enamored of casinos more than people in other countries, might indeed be more motivated by the animated Terminator, Thor, or Lora Croft than by such celebrity coaches as Jeff Cavalier, Shaun T, or Tony Horton, who have been doing their best to inspire people to work out at home during the lockdown. Instead of training their back muscles with the help of a mop, some Finns prefer trying their luck in what they call “kasinot,” that is, casinos, by playing fitness-themed slot machines online.

Casino-slot characters

Many gamblers believe that when they observe casino-slot characters running or lifting weights, they gain more than when they stretch with a broomstick in their kitchen. Not only do they earn money on virtual slot-machines but they also change the shape of their bodies, since it has scientifically been proven that it is possible to get more muscle definition simply by visualizing oneself exercising in a gym.

However incredible it may sound, scientists have shown that people who just listen to CDs guiding them to imagine themselves working out demonstrate the same results as people actually training several times a week. This happens because our brains are easily tricked and often do not distinguish between a wishful thinking and the reality. If you deeply immerse into a fitness-themed game, you will not gain extra weight during the quarantine and will become even more fit by the time it is over.

Those Finns who trust more fitness researchers than fitness trainers play such online automated fitness games as Freaky Gym, Fitness Automaten, and Peek Physique that stand out among other slot-machine games with their eye-catching graphics and humor. Set in gyms, these fitness-themed games feature traditional gym equipment – treadmills, exercise bikes, benches, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and jumping ropes – rather than a dog leash or sliding floors which Jeff Cavalier advises to utilize at home during the lockdown.

Fitness-Themed Slot Machines

Fitness Automaten, the Danish slot-machine game popular in Finland and other Nordic countries, also features food that sportsmen should either eat or avoid consuming.

What also distinguishes these fitness-themed games from slot-games dedicated to other topics is the beautiful, trained bodies of its characters. Dr. Lovemore, for instance, may look highly seductive with his thin moustache over the dazzlingly white teeth, but there is no emphasis on muscles in his image.

Characters from Peek Physique, by contrast, flaunt their toned bodies whenever they appear on the screen. To make their figures look even more attractive, designers have dressed the game’s female characters in revealing sport and swimsuits. In Fitness Automaten, designers have opted for a different method. The slimness of the characters’ cartoonish bodies in this game is highlighted by their grotesquely oversized human heads. With the heads much larger than their bodies, the characters’ waists are bound to look narrow and trim even when they wear modest sport outfits.

Free spin bonuses

If you prefer training with slot-machine characters, you can try one of the fitness-themed games discussed here. All of them offer free spin bonuses. Freaky Gym gives as many as ten of them to its players. To receive these free spin bonuses, you just need to sign up with providers. These games also allow you to choose your own workout buddy among its characters, who will give you your reward.

By playing fitness-themed slot machines, you might not become the fittest person in the world. And yet, while entertaining yourselves in virtual gyms, you might indeed become motivated to leave your electronic device and start doing push-ups or crunches right there in your living room. In so doing, you will increase your endorphins level and will succeed in shedding those extra pounds that you might already have gained since the beginning of the lockdown.

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