Five Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

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Are you looking for a way to make your business run more smoothly? If so, you may want to consider using employee scheduling software or a team communication app. This software can help you manage your employees’ schedules and ensure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. This blog post will discuss five benefits of using employee scheduling software in your business that you may not have considered. 

  1. It Makes Managing Employee Schedules a Breeze

Anyone who’s ever managed a team of employees knows that scheduling can be a real headache. There are so many moving parts—different shift availability, time off requests, overlapping schedules—it’s enough to make your head spin. And if you’re still using a paper-based system or a spreadsheet to manage all of this information, it can be even more challenging (not to mention time-consuming). 

Workforce management software can help take the pain out of scheduling by automating many of the tasks that traditionally fall to the scheduler. For example, the software can generate potential schedules based on employee availability and preferences, identify conflicts, and even suggest solutions. In addition, employee scheduling software can send out automatic reminders about upcoming shifts and changes to the schedule. This can save a lot of time and hassle for both the scheduler and employees. 

  1. Ensures Employees Are Where They Need to Be When They Need to Be There

If you thought employee scheduling software was just a tool for creating schedules, think again. Many software programs double as clock-in or employee time-tracking systems. This means that employees can clock in and out of their shifts using the software, which eliminates the need for paper time cards or buddy punching. In addition, some employee scheduling software systems come with GPS tracking capabilities. This allows you to see in real time where your employees are and whether they are on track to arrive at their scheduled shifts on time. 

  1. Allows Employees to Easily Swap Shifts with One Another

Life happens, and sometimes employees need to swap shifts in order to accommodate personal obligations. Trying to keep track of these changes can be a nightmare, especially if you’re still using paper or a spreadsheet-based system. With employee scheduling software, employees can easily request a shift swap with another employee who has compatible availability. 

The scheduler doubles (again) as a team communication app, allowing your employees to resolve scheduling issues amongst themselves, which is more efficient in most cases. This flexibility can also improve employee attrition and turnover. Employees who are unhappy with their schedules are more likely to quit. On the other hand, employees who have more freedom to move their shifts around—with the flow of their own lives—are more likely to stick around for the long haul. 

  1. Keeps Track of Employee Hours and Overtime

If you’re manually tracking employee hours, it’s easy to make a mistake. This can be costly for your business, as employees may end up with a total of more hours than they actually worked (and get paid for it too). In some cases, this could even lead to overtime pay. With employee scheduling software, you can avoid these mistakes by setting up the system to automatically track employee hours. This way, you can be confident that employees are only getting paid for the hours they’ve actually worked. 

  1. Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

Your business might already run efficiently without the help of employee scheduling software, but have you considered what would happen if your scheduler called in sick? When you’re relying on one person to manage the schedule, there’s always the risk of human error. What if they made a mistake and scheduled too many employees for the same shift? Or what if they forgot to schedule someone for a shift altogether? These types of errors can have a ripple effect on your business, disrupting the flow of operations and costing you money. With employee scheduling software, you can rest assured knowing that your schedule will always be up-to-date, even if your scheduler is out sick.

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