Five Hot Selling Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have changed the landscape for investments in the past few years. The emergence of over 10,0000 plus digital currencies/tokens in just a short period shows the accelerated growth in the Crypto market. Cryptocurrencies have brought forward a paradigm shift in the digital assets space; therefore, it is crucial to understand the key players (Cryptocurrencies) that play a pivotal role in the current market scenario. You can start understanding more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallets.

This article analyzes five of the most popular and hot selling Cryptocurrencies in 2022.

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin has held the most significant market cap since its inception. Although bitcoin has sharply declined in the last two years, it remains an essential player in crypto investment. The fluctuating government regulations and laws around taxation have created a significant roadblock in its growth. However, many countries have shown a keen interest in adopting bitcoin for its mainstream transactions; this offers a possibility for bitcoin to come back stronger. Bitcoin could be an excellent choice for cold wallet holding this financial year.

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) has been developed on blockchain technology to sustain digital contracts and ledgers that can be securely shared across platforms to maintain secure transactions among users. It remains as second most popular Cryptocurrency to be invested in 2022. ETH seems to have gained 13% in July. This dramatic increase is due to the merge timeframe confirmed by the development team. It has also been suggested that the Ethereum code be part of core transactional processes and transactions in the Metaverse. Owing to such factors, ETH is arguably one of the hot selling currencies in the Crypto market.

  1. Polygon

Polygon is developed on Ethereum blockchain programming to simply transactions by subsidizing the main chain. It makes the blockchain process easier and faster. Being a decentralized system similar to Ethereum, it is independent of fiscal and economic fluctuations, establishing significant stability in the Crypto ecosystem. Polygon (MATIC) has seen a growth of over 0.36% a week due to its core reliability on the Ethereum blockchain network. This steady growth makes it one of the most sought-after currencies to invest in 2022.

  1. PanCake Swap

PanCake Swap is a Crypto exchange token developed and launched for public offering in 2020. It is an open exchange platform where users can trade their currencies without going through a vendor. Its platform has been gaining popularity due to its simple interface and reduced transaction fees. A basic PanCake form, the PanCake token can be purchased online and converted into desired Cryptocurrency through active trade and exchange. The currency is currently priced at $12 per token compared to its initial launch price of $1.10 per token. PanCake has also enrolled itself in farming and holdings, making it an exciting currency to invest. It is perfect for investors looking to buy affordable stocks to diversify their holdings in the Crypto market.

  1. Shibu Inu

Introduced in August 2020, Shibu Inu was invented to compete with the famous Dogecoin Cryptocurrency. Based on its type, the coin is classified into meme class coins developed exclusively for entry-level crypto investors. It is based on a mining algorithm that is quite similar to that of Ethereum but different in its core process. Shibu Inu’s gradual entrance into the NFT market has put its value soaring higher than ever. With a mere value of $0.0000124, the price change has been gaining over 0.34%. Shibu Inu is arguably killing its competitor Dogecoin as thrift value for its investors. It has also gained popularity among some big exchange platforms across the globe, making it more attractive for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolios. Shibu Inu ranks fifth in our overall comparison of hot sellers in 2022. 

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