Five Important Bitcoin Trading Concepts

Bitcoin trading is similar to stock trading because you need to deal with such digital assets through an exchange only. Unlike trading in the stock market, cryptocurrency trading involves buying, selling and monitoring the prices of a specific cryptocurrency using a cryptocurrency exchange service, for example, an app or a website that offers these facilities as its core offerings. These apps and websites also allow conversion and transfer of the funds available as cryptocurrencies into a personal bank account. For example, you can link your bank account with your crypto account through an exchange, and you can buy bitcoin with fiat currency. Similarly, you can use your same crypto account to sell your coins and convert them into fiat currency. You can check how a bitcoin investment works and news related to cryptocurrencies and keep yourself updated.

Trading involves buying a cryptocurrency with hopes that its price will increase over time, traders are generally known to use all sorts of tools and filters in order to determine whether there would be a rise or fall in the prices of the cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin is known to be volatile over the years, these tools and filters offered by cryptocurrency exchange services prove to be quite helpful and time-saving to traders.

Concepts Involved in Bitcoin Trading

Factors that control the rise and fall in Bitcoin’s prices, example, Bitcoin’s supply, its presence in the news and media, integration with newer and modern payment platforms and keeping an eye for certain important events such as security breaches, etc.

  1. You must do some research to choose a trading strategy and style for Bitcoin, for example, day trading, trend trading, buying and holding, etc. This is one key step that can help you to reduce the risk of loss. If you are an experienced trader and know about bitcoin well then you can go for daily trading. You can buy and sell your coins everyday to get some profits. Else, it is better to hold such coins for a longer period of time to get the best ROI.


  1. Picking your sources for getting the latest news about the crypto market can help you to make an informed decision. One news, tweet or a circulating rumour can shoot up Bitcoin’s price or dip it down by a heavy margin, staying up to date with the news and trade announcements around the world makes it safe for traders to judge their transactions concerning Bitcoin. It is a unique platform where you can find data about bitcoin like how bitcoin has performed in the last few days and months, and you can take the risk based on such information.


  1. Serious decisions are needed to be taken concerning the duration for which trading on a specific cryptocurrency (ex. Bitcoin) is to be done, and you can keep your coins for a short term or a long period of time. Staying for long means an increase in the price is expected and vice versa.


  1. Regular monitoring of the trades to know whether the market is following the expected trend or going in the opposite direction. This will help the trader to make crucial decisions on whether to stay in the market or sell out while still at a profit and prevent further losses. Profit or loss in cryptocurrency trading totally depends on your prediction and movement in the market.


  1. The value of Bitcoin is highly volatile in the cryptocurrency market and any steps taken without first mastering the concepts mentioned above can result in huge losses or maybe in unimaginable profits, but that’s called fool’s luck and to sustain for a longer term in the market, luck is something that a trader can never depend upon.


Trading in cryptocurrencies is different from stock market trading cause the factors involved in the movement of prices and quite different in each case. The current cryptocurrency market is not showing promising results to traders but the smart ones are still in the market and continuing their trade as before. The volatility of Bitcoin’s prices is scary and without thorough research about the market, entering into this unpredictable pool of lava called cryptocurrency trade is no joke. Necessary steps must be taken by a trader to learn and gain as much knowledge about this crypto ecosystem.

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