Five Proven & Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

How do you retain top staff, easily attract new employees and foster a general culture of loyalty and dedication amongst the workforce? 

Yes, a higher than average salary for the sector is a good (essential actually) starting point, as are individual and team bonus schemes. But in an increasingly competitive market for top talent that is simply not enough. Setting a competitive atmosphere with financial rewards will of course appeal to most of your staff, but it’s not everything. 

Yes I know that’s a double-take moment for most of you reading this but it’s true. In post-Covid job markets there is an increasing number of employees less motivated by money in favour of other important foundations of job satisfaction and they’re going to be uninspired and possibly left wondering if this is really the job for them if you’re not catering to these needs. They may be the type of person who prefers a less competitive working culture (even if the money is better) in their other needs are better met.

Quick example – A company which looks after its staff’s wellbeing by providing health based incentives; a weekly fruit basket, free gym memberships and mindfulness sessions is going to reap rewards in overall job satisfaction and by result the total staff retention, it will also reduce staff absence, foster more company loyalty and cultivate a happier workforce. So let’s get down to our main tips.

Taking an individual approach

Knowing the individuals in your workforce, is as Northwestern University School of Management professor, Dylan Minor, explains, allows managers to better target bonus schemes and other staff incentives. 

“The problem with incentives is that one size doesn’t fit all, no two people will be driven by exactly the same thing… while some will put hours of personal effort into team-oriented incentives, others will strive to attain an individual bonus.”

Different incentive types 

So, what are the various incentives that companies tend to employ in order to garner more job satisfaction, dedication and loyalty to the company? The following are some of the most popular because they’re proven to work:

Flexible working

Yes, Working from Home (WfH) has been huge post-pandemic and many companies are still offering some WFH days as a job enticement. And why not? It makes perfect sense. Not only does the employee save on travelling costs, but the company benefits too, since employees say they produce more work in the peace and quiet of their own home. 

Reward creative thinking

Give a bonus for ideas that will bring in more company leads or profits, or make staff feel more fulfilled. In other words, let your employees do some creative thinking and let them decide on which idea is best. Hold this monthly or quarterly so that staff feel geared up all year round. Give the person who wins a choice of prize ie a gift card, series of yoga classes, restaurant vouchers etc.

On-site boosts

If your company offers staff WFH days then it can be difficult to entice staff in to the office on certain days. Ensure staff are getting the value from being physically present in the office by arranging specific meetings and one-to-one consultations that are still better done in person. Offer lunch vouchers for these days too. 

Offer free fruit baskets and office snacks to your workforce every week (more on this service here if you’re UK based). Also consider implementing Bring Your Pet to Work Days which are becoming incredibly popular. In other words, give people a reason to come in on those days which bracket weekends.

Reasons to incentivise employees

  • Motivated employees are more likely to perform better 
  • Satisfied employees are less likely to leave the company
  • Employees who feel fulfilled are more likely to show commitment to the company
  • Incentives lead to increased productivity
  • Employees who feel appreciated will work better
  • A positive company culture results in higher employee morale
  • Rewarding creativity gives the company an ‘innovative’ feel
  • A loyal workforce will stay with the company, reducing turnover rates
  • Great incentive programmes attract top talent
  • A happy workforce can help boost company finances

Keeping incentives fresh

You may hit on the correct incentives at the time but remember to rethink them so that they don’t become stale over time. Like the hours you’re offering your workforce, incentives should also remain flexible.