Five Reasons to Install a Custom Business Sign: Small Businesses

Owning your own business is rewarding. You get to be your own boss. However, it is also extremely stressful. Typically, small businesses fail in their first three years. Therefore, it is critical to succeed or break even during those first three years. You should set reasonable but high standards. You will want to create the perfect strategic business plan. Part of your strategic business plan includes marketing and visibility to drive traffic to your business. You are competing with more established companies. Your company must stick out and be seen by the public. Custom signs will help increase this visibility. The more eye-catching and professional your signs are, the more traffic and sales you will see.

1. Look Professional

Leasing a commercial property is exciting. Your small business is growing. A commercial space gives you a professional look. To match the professionalism of the leased property, you should install a custom business sign. You want your property to look nice. You want your customers and clients to feel warmed and welcomed. Putting up a temporary or paper sign appears careless. You want to give customers a positive first impression.

2. Draw Attention

Whether your business is located on a small rural road or a highway, custom signs will draw attention to your business. Outdoor custom business signs should intrigue passerbyers. If someone is driving down the road, your sign should stick out, draw their attention, and get more people in the door. While not all visitors will purchase a product or service, it will increase sales. For example, 30 people who typically would not stop, see your custom business sign and stop. If only three people purchase a good or service, it is three more sales than previously. A custom business sign will increase your sales.

3. Display Your Location

Custom business signs will advertise your physical location. Instead of a bland “open” sign, it will display your company’s name and logo. You can add lights, bright colours, and your branding. Most importantly, custom business signs will display your physical location. The first impression is everything on a new customer. If a customer finds your services or product on your website, they will input your address into their GPS. When they cannot find your location, they will start calling and become frustrated. Annoyed and frustrated potential customers are less likely to continue their journey to your shop and choose a company that is easier to find.

4. Advertisement

A custom business sign is an advertisement. As discussed previously, it displays your location but also advertises to customers that may have not stopped. Customers may be on their way to a family function, returning home after a long day of work, or running errands. As they pass by your business, they will see your sign of a product or service they have been meaning to receive.

A custom business sign is a passive marketing tool. In your strategic business plan, you may have thought of a digital marketing campaign, posting flyers, or sending mail out. A custom business sign will advertise your business, while you focus on daily operations, human resource needs, finances, and other marketing ideas.

5. Versatile 

Custom business signs do not have to be permanent. You can order a sign that you can easily change the lettering. You can advertise sales, write festive messages, or promote new products around your brand name. Have you ever driven by restaurants that change the lettering of their latest sale or newest meal? You can do the same with your custom business sign. If you would like your sign to light up at night, you can order a sign with lights all around the lettering or one light that highlights your sign like a spot light. Custom business signs are extremely versatile.

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