Five tricks of the Shopify development agency to Transfer Squarespace to Shopify

Squarespace has been the choice of many individuals when they think of starting their business. This platform is preferred for its user-friendly interface. But when we compare it with other ecommerce platforms, it lags behind. In this case, Shopify has emerged up and stands out to be the winner. Shopify is considered when you want to enjoy the best ecommerce website features. Shopify is declared better than any other platform especially for the beginners

Shopify development agency, has adopted a proper way to transfer the Squarespace to Shopify and have considered it as the best possible option in terms of ease in usage and interactive interface.

Benefits of Shopify over Squarespace:

There are many benefits that Shopify has over the latter ecommerce platform when it comes to do ecommerce business solely. Note that these benefits have widely been accepted by top Shopify development agencies including the well-known Shopify Pro.

Let us have a look:


Squarespace is mainly used by the people who work on basic ecommerce platforms with less customization. Therefore it becomes very difficult for the people to modify their business by using Squarespace. Whereas Shopify offers a large range of customizable themes that help you to alter the front and back end the way you like it.

Shopify does not make it mandatory upon you to work with the code, you can just edit the available themes and continue to work according to your choice.

Payment Gateways:

When shopping on an online eCommerce store, the main concern of the people today is to go through the easiest payment options that do not make them abandon the cart.

Shopify has helped in this case as well. It has over 100 diverse payment gateways. Few of them include PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe etc. It has added the option of dynamic checkout which has made it easy for the people to do shopping.

Search Engine Optimization:

Shopify was created by keeping in mind the SEO services it provides. If you have started to use Shopify you might have noticed that the product listing of Shopify has basic SEO services like making the title of the page and a meta description.

It also deals with 301 error which is worth mentioning because it is way much better than the services provided by Squarespace.

Some tricks to transfer Squarespace to Shopify

Data backup:

Backing up all the data is very important because your Squarespace storage database contains all the confidential credentials like product, price, order details and many other things. This is to be done so that the user may not face any problems when working. You can export or import all the files and easily create their backup.

When you are done with the procedure, you will have to click on the confirmation button. This can help you to make a marketing campaign as well. The exported file will contain all the data that you have backed up and which is necessary to be kept saved.

Shopify Store Creation:

Now you can proceed to create a Shopify store. Note that Shopify offers you a 14 day free trial so that you may get easy with the tools and learn the functionality. You will have to fill the information that is asked in the form at the website of Shopify. 


Then you are going to start the migration by clicking the “Full Migration” button. It sometimes happens within a couple of minutes whereas it may take hours also in case you have a lot of data stored. The migration will be done of all the data, even your page coupons also.

Extensions and Themes:

You will have to select a theme as per choice that you feel will be good for your store. This is due to the fact that this process does not allow you to migrate your themes with you. You can enjoy using both free and paid themes from Shopify stores. Just find out the most compatible or nearest looking theme to that of your previous one and you are good to go. 

Extensions make your work easy and save you from long data entering procedures. Instead of this, they offer you good and workable extensions that have features somehow similar to your previous one. It. It is to be noted that the extensions added from Shopify will add value to your business.

Checking for errors:

You will have to cross check whether your products and all the mandatory information has been successfully transferred to the Shopify store that you just created. You must know that the products that are out of stock will not be displayed. Check everything for example images, videos, tags, title and other things. 

You can also make use of catalogue instead of checking every single product and its relevant details. 

After Migration process:

When you have realized  that you have successfully migrated from Squarespace to Shopify then it’s time to switch to the real domain and change the domain name system. Then comes the most important part, the shipping or delivery of order. You need to set the delivery details and make sure that whatever you fill in is authentic. Try not to ask for shipment charges as it is an attractive feature for the customers to buy from your store. To cover this cost,  you can add the price of shipment in the price of the product. 

You will also have to look for the preferred payment methods that have been widely used and are easy to  understand by the clients. Most clients  prefer to use  the payment gateway which is very common like paypal, amazon pay etc. after selecting the payment method  you will have to place some of the orders to check whether the store is functioning properly or not. In case of any glitches you can contact the helpline.


Well, we have reached the conclusion of our discussion about the transfer of squarespace to shopify. This is the most common practice done by the Shopify development agencies and has been the best decision which can be understood on the account of benefits stated above about using Shopify over Squarespace

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