Five Ultimate Tips for University Graduates

The last few months in the university can be highly stressful and overwhelming. Even though it feels great to submit your final easily, finish the previous exam, and finally leave the university, the prospect of graduating can be daunting. 

You will soon enter the real world, get a job, pay the bills, and take on new responsibilities. However, aside from that, you will be changing everything you have known for the previous four years. 

This guide will help you transition smoothly. We have gathered some crucial tips you need to consider, especially in these times of COVID-19. 

1. Do Not Rush Into A Career Yet. 

You just went through four years of education. You are in debt, and everyone expects you to find a promising career, including you. It is reasonable why most people want to get a job as quickly as possible, especially if they have massive student loan debt. 

However, keep in mind that you have the whole of your life to work. Take a breather. Travel the country or have some time, even if it is small, and consider the paths ahead. While doing that, you can take odd jobs and do something you love. 

You can work at a restaurant or similar jobs and prepare for your promising career ahead. It will give you that time to consider your ways and make informed decisions. Now, back to the student loan debt. Let’s talk more about it in the next point. 

2. Review Your Student Loans 

You have graduated successfully, but there are student loan debts you need to tackle. If not, your promising career will not be as promising as you would expect. You need to come up with a strategy to clear your debt. 

Should you immediately begin paying off the money you acquired through school? Yes and no. The best strategy is to start making payments as early as you can. The cool thing is that you get a six-month window before you begin payments. 

If you are not able to begin your payments, you can defer your debt for a year. You need to find out more about getting loan forgiveness, consolidation, interest rates, and the best payment plan for you. 

4. Put Your Resume Together 

Your resume is highly critical, and that is why you need to pay extra attention to it. Your resume represents you first as a person. And since you have to make an excellent first impression on your potential employers and recruiters, you need to be extra critical with your resume. 

You can begin by getting in touch with your campus career center, discussing with your advisor, and not forgetting the relevance of writing a cover letter that will amaze your potential employees. 

5. Go On Interviews 

After crafting your perfect cover letter and resume, the next thing is to go on interviews. If you have not been interviewed for a job before, then the best way is to go on one. If you get the opportunity to go on a job interview, you should take it. 

Even if you may not like the position, it is still an opportunity for you to exercise your interviewing skills. It will give you an idea of the questions you will be asked. It gives you a better idea of what to expect in the future. 

6. Consider Selling Your Textbooks 

Another effective way to get money after school is to sell your textbooks online. Did you know that selling textbooks online is a profitable business? Bookstores bring in over $10 billion each year. You can save some extra cash or use it to pay back your student debts.

There are numerous bookselling sites online where you can sell your textbooks. Some include,,, etc. But before you proceed, make sure your book is in good condition. What is referred to as “good” condition depends on the site you are selling your books. So you need to know their book condition requirement before taking any action.


Even though it is essential to ensure you are ready for your career ahead, you should also enjoy the time you have now. Get free time to enjoy yourself with your friends, go on holiday with your family, and make the most of the time you have. 

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