Five Ways Students Can Gain Business Experience Before Graduation

Your life changes completely as you enter college. You may believe in the conventional system: that you will study for some years, then find a job after graduation. But then, everything gets mixed up. The studies don’t go the way you’ve planned. You feel disillusioned with your previous aspirations, and you gradually start fearing the future. 

The funny thing is that while studying, you may get two legit reasons to fear the future. If you stick to your initial aspiration, you start fearing that your future is not going to be the way you’ve planned. In case you get disenchanted with your previous aspirations, you fear that your future will go just as planned. It’s so much for trying to make friends with time. 

And you go through all that while struggling with the overwhelming amount of homework, trying as hard as possible to do everything on time. But you can fix all that by relying on custom writing services from time to time to win several hours of sleep. Nowadays, you can get high-quality help from cheap dissertation writing services if you’re not planning to write that work on your own. Well, that’s one way to handle it with no sweat.

Online assignment writing services, AI essay writers, and help from fellow students are the three options you can use if you’re struggling with homework. However, it doesn’t solve your fear of the future. The main questions that cause that fear include:

  • What if my education becomes obsolete by the time I graduate?
  • What if I’m no longer satisfied with the initial course I planned?
  • What if I won’t get employed for lack of professional experience?

Well, you can solve that case either by switching colleges or by taking additional courses that will provide you with knowledge that is unlikely to become obsolete. If you’re no longer satisfied with the way you’ve planned your future, the best thing to change something is now. You may simply expect the catastrophe to happen or at least check out what can be changed about it. 

Yet, the third reason is most common among students. Whether you’re going to get employed based solely on your education? Well, there’s a chance that you will get employed with no prior working experience, but there’s no need to risk. Besides, you can easily gain business experience before graduation, which will enhance your chances of landing a career-starting job. 

Restaurant Industry

The best way to gain any work experience for students is by applying for jobs in restaurants. The most typical job that students can land is that of a waiter. This job works perfectly for students, as it offers flexible schedules. Thus, you won’t have any problems maintaining the work/study balance. And students are always welcome at waitering, especially in college towns. 

Here you can learn customer service. Working as a waiter is perfect for your stress management skills, as restaurants mainly have a fast-paced working environment. The job opportunities are not limited to waitering. You can also become a bartender or a cook. All those occupations allow you to develop a thick skin, which is crucial for your future business ventures. 

Retail Industry

Another way to gain business experience for students is to get into the retail industry. Also, it can seriously increase the size of your wallet. Yes, tips that you can get as a waiter are great, but they easily pale in comparison with the commissions that you can get by closing the sale. Caution: avoid this job if you’re allergic to capitalism. 

Working in the retail industry provides you with the mindset that allows you to sell. And that’s one of the crucial skills when it comes to business ventures. You also understand the importance of the sale and how growing commissions increase your desire to sell more, which affects the overall profitability. 

There’s another important aspect of the retail industry. You can use it just to gain experience, but it can serve as the first step in your future career. The longer you work in this industry, the more experience you gain and the higher your chances of getting a promotion. Yet, it can happen only under the condition that you work well and get recognized for that. 


This works as a kind of continuation of the previous point. Working successfully for the company in the retail industry, you can get promoted to a management position. Basically, if you work in the restaurant industry, you can get promoted to a management position as well. And there are two ways you can benefit from it. 

First thing, you can gain more success, get promoted further, and continue this career path. Secondly, if you use it just for gaining experience, it enhances your chances for your future career. In other words, having a junior management position on your resume may land you management positions in other fields. 


Everyone has certain skills and talents, and you are no exception. Maybe you are proficient in another language. Or maybe you are Mx. write my essay for your fellow students, as you charge them less than custom writing services. You can monetize your talents via freelancing. Just find what you’re good at and sell it. 

Going with the two examples given here. If you know Chinese, Japanese, French, Polish, or any other foreign language, you can become an interpreter. Depending on your proficiency, you can do written translations, or you can do oral translation gigs. There are a lot of freelance platforms where you can promote your services. 

In case you’re good at writing, you can apply for a job in custom writing services. Other options include blogging or freelance journalism. It can be a nice start for your professional career, and you can easily combine it with your studies, as freelancing never has a fixed schedule. But you should stick to deadlines to appear as a trusted contractor. 


All options listed above are taking you further from what your college can offer you. But maybe you don’t have to seek options outside of it. After all, as a student, you can get into various internships that will prepare you for your prospective career. 

An internship allows you to gain the necessary experience, just like other points on the list. You have a chance to practice your skills under the supervision of industry professionals. Also, coming back to the worrying question of whether you made the right choice education-wise, internships give you the answer to said question. 

Internships allow you to understand the environment of the profession you see yourself in. They also enhance your chances of landing a job, as internships look good on your resume. Besides, if you make a good impression during an internship, most likely, the company would offer you a chance to get hired after you graduate. 

Closing Thoughts

So, here you have five ways to gain business experience before graduation. Choose the one that works for you the best. Maybe it’s waitering or freelancing. Perhaps it’s an internship. Just remember that any odd job can become the first step in your career.