Fix And Flip Investment Opportunities

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The benefit of fix and flip into today’s market is that if you fully know what you are doing it can be easy to make this into a lucrative business venture. The reason people fix and flip into today’s business market is that there are many houses that are dilapidated in dire need of renovation, with not so many people with the funds to fix these properties up. 

Fixing up houses or properties is not for the faint-hearted, especially in today’s market, having some experience is not necessary, it will help to know some aspects of what you are doing. Or knowing someone who has already done so successfully.

Funds are essential, starting a project without the correct funds can be a complete disaster that is why many people will borrow the needed amount beforehand if they do not have savings. People who do not have enough funds or run out use professional services. For example, if you were buying a property in America you might look for Hard Money Lenders in Atlanta GA looking into a lender like this will show you information into interest rates, house prices, property value, and so on.

Make sure you have a start up fund

The reason people do this is that they may have some spare money and want to invest at the same time as making a profit. There can be a good turnover of profit if this is done correctly. Using this method investors or property developers can earn a lucrative wage in a good time frame. 

When looking into investing in properties to raise its resale value , there are a few things that you need to look at before rushing in and purchasing the first property that is seen that you may think is a sensible price. The reason you will be doing this is to make a profit so it is not to your advantage if you lose money. Be sensible with what you are willing to invest in such a project. 

Investments do not always work out so having a clear guideline of what you are willing to lose financially is where you need to start. Finances do not just appear, mistakes happen, problems that weren’t foreseen arise and these types of things also need to be taken into consideration upon purchase.

Look at the housing market you want to invest in

It is all very well to throw your eggs into one basket or so to speak, but to be sure that you are doing the right thing there are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing a home to renovate.

Firstly make sure the area that the house you are looking at, has a resale market. It is no good to you if once the property is done that you can’t resell the property because you did not research the area properly. The area is important when trying to make a profit, remembering that business is business, so if the house you are looking at seems too good to be true, there is a possibility that this is the case. A house that does not need any real work doing in it, but is up for sale for way below the average house price needs researching.

Look at the profit margin you are expecting to make, is this a realistic profit after fees, renovation works and maybe loans and tax is all paid back what will you make realistically? Is all this work worth it if there is no real end goal, you are trying to make a successful business by doing this so do not let your professional judgment be clouded by running away with yourself!

Getting a professional evaluation 

When looking to purchase a property get a professional evaluation of what the property is like structurally. There may already be surveys that have been done but honestly, it will not hurt to get a verified second opinion. This may eat into the budget you have, this will seem like a small inconvenience if a problem is found that has been overlooked, in the long run, the savings could be thousands.

Write a list of works that you can carry out, what friends do you have that will work at weekends for mates rates with some breakfast thrown into the equation? What can your partner do to help? These small savings will help in lots of ways. Removing wallpaper from drywalls, lifting carpets, emptying rubble that the builder has made on site will significantly save costs at times. 

The bottom line is, to be able to make the biggest profit margin you can, you have to get stuck into the work. This may mean giving up the weekends or evenings. All the savings you make along the way will end up in your pocket at the end of the project. 

When getting work done that you can not attempt or can not for legal reasons, make sure you get quotes and estimates from different places is essential. The reason you will need to shop around is that some people will see this as an opportunity to maybe overcharge you. If you are renovating a house they may see you as being very financially well off. If you are going to get free estimates it does not hurt getting several.

Look around at the current market

Looking at properties that are similar will help you get an idea of what is selling right now. Look at what types of homes are selling, what are the winning sale factors for these homes, and what are people looking for in the area you are wishing to purchase in. 

Look at what the other house’s best selling point was? Is this achievable? If the property is aimed for a family then make sure things like fencing around the garden are in place, is there a bath installed? Is it possible to install a second toilet? Will these things add value?

The bottom line is it is all about value, the value you paid, the value of resale, the value of work, the value of the tax, these all need to make sense at the end of the sale. If the figures do not work then you have made a bad business mistake and one that you may not recover from financially. Investing in the right place, using the time you have, and maximizing your opportunities can be the make or break of your business venture.


Although fix and flip projects are not for everyone many people make very sound business investments in doing so. Many have turned this into a full-time project with very sensible wise choices, and have stopped working the 9 to 5 job they once had. 

Making the right business decisions can be difficult and time-consuming, however long you think you are taking, remember that the savings that you are investing, took a lot longer to appear in your bank account, and did not just appear there by magic! This may mean you miss the first house you viewed but the first house is not always going to be the right house to invest into. Not every property on the market is worth investing in, so you must spend your money wisely.

Business is business, but good business is something else entirely. Good business is a combination of things from the correct loans with affordable interest rates and payback schemes to the value you get for the resale of the investment. You have to be organized with your financial situation without ever letting it spiral to an unmanageable point of no return.

Invest wisely, know your limits mentally, never go over the budget you have, and aim for the biggest profit you can without cutting corners.

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