Flying saucer transported by HGV truck in Arizona

What is this HGV truck transporting in Arizona coming out of Area 51 – doesn’t it look eerily like a flying saucer? The image, which has gone viral across the globe, mainly in social media websites, has UFO and alien enthusiasts going berserk with excitement.

Charlene Yazzie was happily driving on Arizona State Route 77, near Holbrook in Arizona, when she saw a huge truck transporting a mysterious wide load. The truck was being escorted by several black DPS (Department of Public Safety) vehicles.

Initially, Ms. Yazzie just sat there amazed at the sheer size of the cargo and its bizarre shape. The first thing that came to mind was a flying saucer. She felt compelled to take a picture.

Flying saucer being towed out of Area 51News about the truck carrying a flying saucer-like object has appeared in several social media websites. (Image:

Looked like a flying saucer covered in tarpaulin

Ms. Yazzie said:

“I was driving north and the truck was headed south to the freeway. It was escorted by three DPS vehicles.”

She posted the picture on Facebook, after which it spread like wildfire, firstly across the United States and then the rest of the world.

In the photograph, you can see a saucer-shaped object covered in what looks like tarpaulin.

Soon comments and suggestions started pouring in, from the more conservative among us saying it might have been a part of a stealth fighter airplane, to UFO seekers insisting that ‘at last’ this was clear evidence that aliens exist.

Looks like a flying saucer being towed in USAThis image is part of a video filmed two years ago of what looks like a flying saucer being towed along the highway in the United States. (Image: YouTube – see bottom of page)

Always ‘final proof’ each time

UFO seekers always seem to say that something is ‘finally compelling evidence’ of extraterrestrial life – how can it be ‘finally’ each time?

Several viewers are certain that the US government, NASA and other public bodies across the world are deliberately censoring any news regarding aliens and UFOs, either because they want to prevent a mass panic, do not want to offend people’s religious beliefs, or the aliens have ordered them to keep quiet.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety responded to an enquiry by 7WDAM with the following tongue-in-cheek comment:

UnFOrtunately, we do not know what that is, but it looks interesting.

The number of UFO sightings and alien encounters over the past couple of years has increased dramatically. See our Alien News page.

Video – Flying saucer being towed?

This footage was placed online two years ago and claims it was filmed in Mojave, California. The person who posted it says it is a UFO being towed. UFOs (unidentified flying objects) should be ‘flying’, shouldn’t they?