FNRP Reviews – Fractional Ownership In Grocery Anchored Properties

Fractional real estate investing is transforming the landscape of investment opportunities, making it possible for individuals to own shares in high-value properties without the need for substantial capital. This innovative approach democratizes access to real estate markets, traditionally dominated by those with significant resources. 

Through fractional investing, investors can diversify their portfolios, reduce risks, and enjoy the benefits of property ownership, including potential income through rent and appreciation in property value, making it an attractive option for a broad range of investors.

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) merges the accessibility of online crowdfunding with the stability of commercial real estate, focusing on grocery-anchored properties. This platform enables accredited investors to partake in fractional investments, ensuring a quarterly cash flow from well-established, high-performing real estate across the nation. 

Keep reading my First National Realty Partners review to determine if it is right for your fractional real estate investment needs. 

First National Realty Partners History

First National Realty Partners (FNRP), headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, was born from the collaboration of co-founders Anthony Grosso and Christopher Palermo in 2015. The firm set its sights on providing accredited investors with access to institutional-quality real estate investments, a goal that underpinned its establishment and strategic direction. 

Adding to the strength of its founding team, Jared Feldman joined as the Chief Investment Officer, bringing with him a significant track record of deploying over $100 million in equity capital during his prior consultancy career. 

This trio’s combined vision and expertise have been instrumental in propelling FNRP towards its mission of opening up high-caliber investment opportunities in the real estate sector to a broader investor audience.

FNRP Reviews

The FNRP reviews are a bit sparse online. They do not have a profile on many customer review aggregate websites. They do have a 4.1 out of 5 rating on the Better Business Bureau website. For a deeper dive into what other users are saying about them, you can consider reading the Modest Money First National Realty Partners reviews and ratings article. 

FNRP Features

Here are the First National Realty Partners benefits users have come to expect:

  • Unique Investing Opportunities: FNRP specializes in commercial real estate investments centered around retail operations critical to daily life, such as grocery and pharmacy stores, catering to accredited investors looking for necessity-based properties to add to their portfolios.
  • Informational Live Webinars: Distinguishing itself in the market, FNRP offers live webinars for each of its investment properties, allowing investors to gain comprehensive insights and interact directly with the investment committee, enhancing transparency and investor confidence.
  • Dragnet Acquisitions Model: Employing a proprietary screening system, FNRP meticulously sifts through a large pool of potential investments, selecting only those that align with its rigorous criteria, ensuring a focus on quality and potential performance.
  • Performance Metrics: FNRP aims for a 12% to 18+% IRR on its investments, with a targeted 8% average annual cash distribution, highlighting its focus on generating both quarterly cash flow and capital appreciation for its investors, though individual results may vary.

Types of Investments With FNRP

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) boasts an impressive portfolio of over $900 million, focusing mainly on essential retail spaces like grocery-anchored properties. They offer two main investment paths:

  1. Individual Property Investments: Investors can dive into specific properties, choosing from a selection that includes crucial retail spaces. FNRP uses strategies like lease renewals and rental income to ensure quarterly returns and potential property appreciation. They make the details easily accessible, offering deep-dive webinars for each property to help investors make informed decisions.
  2. Opportunity Fund: For those looking to spread their investments across several properties, the Opportunity Fund is an attractive option. With a $50,000 minimum investment, it pools multiple commercial properties into a single investment, aiming for annual returns of 12%-18% and average cash distributions of about 8%. This offers a diversified portfolio with less risk.

FNRP’s investment approach is meticulous, using advanced technology and a volume-based strategy to sift through numerous potential assets, focusing on those that promise the best returns and align with their specialty in grocery-anchored real estate.


First National Realty Partners (FNRP) is reshaping the real estate investment landscape, making it accessible for more people to invest in high-value commercial properties through fractional investing. 

This approach not only diversifies investment portfolios but also offers steady income potential. For those wondering if First National Realty Partners is a scam, the evidence points to the contrary. FNRP’s focus on essential retail spaces and its detailed investment process demonstrate that FNRP is legit. Their use of technology and expert analysis to choose investments offers a solid foundation for those looking to invest in real estate.

If you’re considering expanding your investment portfolio into real estate, FNRP deserves a closer look. Click Here to explore First National Realty Partners’ offerings and see how they can fit into your investment strategy.