Focus on Car Accident Awareness to Protect You and Your Community

The number of car accidents in the United States is incredibly high.There were approximately 6.45 million crashes in the past year, resulting in nearly 40,000 deaths. 

The Boston personal injury attorneys at Kelly & Associates say there’s no excuse for such a staggering number of preventable crashes. They believe there needs to be an even greater focus on accident awareness in the U.S. before the statistics will start improving.

Car accident awareness image 454444Fatalities Aren’t Changing

The number of overall accidents is rising every year in the United States. While the number of crash-related deaths has remained relatively static for three years straight, even one death is too many. 

There are many causes of car wrecks, but most can be tied to some form of driver error. Many drivers overlook important accident awareness tips they learned as new drivers. Over time, they develop bad habits that increase the likelihood of a serious and deadly crash.

Kelly & Associates is doing its best to spread awareness of the dangers on the road by alerting drivers to the most common threats so that they will take action to make their communities safer.

Accident Prevention is Key

Distracted driving remains a leading cause of car accidents. All it takes is a split second looking at your cell phone to cause a crash.

As busy as we are, drivers need to understand the danger that comes with getting distracted when driving. Distracted driving reduces your reaction time and prevents you from noticing the dangers ahead of you.

Reckless driving is another common cause of accidents. Speeding, tailgating, and unsafe lane changes puts all lives at risk. The only way to protect yourself behind the wheel is by driving defensively and taking every possible precaution. 

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Why You Need a Lawyer if You’re Involved in an Accident

Lawyers are trained to protect your rights if you’ve been in an auto accident. They understand the accident process from start to finish, including dealing with insurance claims, navigating challenges when it comes to liability and helping accident victims to obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.  

Not everyone who is injured in an accident will be entitled to compensation. But a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney can help you discover what your legal options may be.  

Medical bills are expensive and if you can get justice, you should. A reliable car accident attorney can ease the burden on you and your family by filing a claim on your behalf. That way, you can focus on your recovery.

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