For the First Time, Fans Are Being Rewarded for Their Loyalty with Knaq, the Free Fan Reward Program

Throughout the existence of creators, the connection between fans and creators has often been imbalanced. Fans express their admiration for beloved YouTubers or TikTok stars through views, streams, ad revenue, and buying merchandise. Yet as much as the creator wants to give back to their fans, the opportunities are truly limited.

But now, there is an easy way for fans to be rewarded for their loyal support.

Introducing Knaq, a Web3 loyalty program that has designed a fresh reward system for being active on social media. These rewards are directly tied to user engagement, actions like liking, commenting, and viewing posts. With this groundbreaking initiative, users can now receive something in return for their support of their favorite content creators.

Since reward systems have become part of the digital generation’s daily lives, Knaq has merged something new with something the everyday consumer is familiar with. The usage of blockchain technology, NFTs, and reward tokens make Knaq something totally groundbreaking.

The mechanism behind Knaq is simple. The blockchain-based Chrome extension is easy to install and operate, automatically enrolling users in a wallet if they do not already have one with a Knaq-approved software. By partnering with NEAR Protocol, a highly flexible open source  blockchain, Knaq offers a safe, scalable way to incorporate reward systems into everyday interactions with content creators.

Fans can effortlessly incorporate Knaq’s extension into their browser and integrate it into their regular social media usage in minutes. Similar to how credit card companies reward points for spending, Knaq grants users Knaq tokens for actions such as liking, commenting, and viewing media. These tokens can be redeemed for exclusive rewards for Knaq users. 

Rewards can encompass a wide variety of things, from gift cards, cash back, and merch. Users can also save points up and redeem them for bigger awards like hotel vouchers, concert tickets, and sports tickets. The use of NFTs minted on Knaq also grants exclusive access to live creator events. Points and rewards can be viewed in the user’s free Knaq account.

Knaq’s inventive advertising system is highly favored by brands as it prioritizes exposure and engagement to significantly enhance brand awareness. The dynamic nature of Knaq ensures that all brands get their time in the spotlight, with the reward store consistently evolving. By strategically promoting brands’ products based on diverse content types, Knaq enables a more precise and targeted advertising model on a daily basis, resulting in a remarkable increase in clickthrough rates.

Knaq prioritizes the well-being of content creators, and ensures they receive proper support. Content is already naturally boosted when utilizing Knaq, because viewers are motivated to engage more for compensation. Furthermore, creators have the opportunity to provide additional exclusive incentives to their top fans, such as apparel, gift boxes, and various merchandise. Creating creator accounts is entirely free, and any revenue generated through Knaq is directly deposited into their personal wallet.

Thanks to Knaq, the archaic single-direction flow of fan interaction is soon to be gone. Assisted by NEAR’s brilliant blockchain technology, Knaq is revolutionizing the way fans feel about supporting their favorite creators.

Knaq is planning a soft launch in 2023, with the first month reserved exclusively for those who sign up for the waitlist now. The arrival of Knaq will bring a more engaging and rewarding experience for both fans, brands, and creators than was ever thought to be possible. 

To learn more about Knaq, their rewards program, and how it all works, sign up for the waitlist today at

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