Foundation For Special Occasions: How To Achieve Photogenic Perfection With The Foundation

A mainstay in most vanities, foundation helps attain an impeccable base for your beauty look. The potent formulation, available in liquid, mousse, and powder formats, grants the skin an even complexion while reducing the appearance of blemishes. But that is not all. This beauty staple has undergone an evolution and now packs several skincare benefits (more on this later).

If you are scouring the web for an infallible formula ahead of the festive season, you have landed on the right page. We are bringing an exhaustive checklist for your ‘perfect match,’ one that helps you achieve photogenic perfection for the occasion. But before we jump to this section, let’s understand how to pick the right foundation coverage according to your skin type or occasion.

How to Pick the Right Foundation Coverage

For all beauty beginners reading this, there are three kinds of coverage offered by base products – sheer coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage. Picking the right face foundation coverage depends on three factors- the event, individual skin concerns, and weather conditions. Scroll further to make an informed decision.

  • Sheer Coverage: If you want to channel the clean girl aesthetic this festive season, might we suggest opting for a foundation with sheer coverage? A sheer coverage foundation adeptly cloaks flaws and blemishes while granting the skin a light, natural-sque finish. You can apply it topically on the aggrieved areas.
  • Medium Coverage: A foundation with medium coverage helps administer an even, one-tone complexion. It is the perfect match for people who grapple with hyperpigmentation or redness.
  • High Coverage: A high coverage foundation is perfect for cracking an HD glam avatar. It is highly pigmented and grants the user a gorgeous satin finish that feels like second skin. The infallible brew also conceals severe blemishes, new eruptions, and redness – making you look effortlessly beautiful.

Your Checklist for the Perfect Foundation to Achieve Photogenic Perfection

Use this checklist before splurging the big bucks on a foundation of your choice. We have crafted this list for special events and occasions. Keep scrolling.

    1. Zero in on the Coverage: As discussed in the last section, zeroing in on the coverage is vital to your dream glam. If you wish to be a minimal queen, go for a sheer coverage foundation. On the other hand, if you want to create a full-blown, high-powered beauty look, get your hands on a full coverage foundation. Always consider your skin type and concerns before you part ways with your money.
    2. Opt for Long-Staying Foundations: If you are gearing up for an occasion, ensure that your foundation is long-lasting. A potent formulation with a staying power of 8 hours (atleast) reduces the need for touch-ups, allowing you to be present in the moment.
    3. Look for Water-Proof Foundations: Your foundation shouldn’t run with sweat or water – that’s precious time and money down the drain! We recommend picking a water-proof formulation which stays intact, no matter how hard you slay on the dance floor. It’s also the safest bet when you are braving a rainy or a super muggy day.
    4. Lightweight and Non-greasy: Donning a full face of glam for an occasion? Make sure that your base formulation is featherlight, non-greasy, and breathable.  Comfort >>> Everything Else! Steer clear of formulas that make your skin uncomfortably tight or apply in an erratic, splotchy fashion.
    5. Pick a Finish: If you want to create a headline-grabbing moment at the next wedding or party, pick a foundation that bestows the skin with an impeccable finish. To help your makeup look emanate a glow like no other, get a dewy-finish foundation. Alternatively, you may opt for a beautiful, mattifying formulation that appears velvety-soft on the skin and dwindles the appearance of pores.
    6. Scout for Skincare Benefits: As discussed earlier, foundation formulas are often infused with satiating skincare ingredients. This is an important factor you ought to consider on account of prolonged wear time during festivities and other special occasions. If your skin gets dry and flaky, look for hyaluronic acid or glycerine-based formula. On the other hand, folks with oily or acne-prone skin should opt for non-comedogenic, oil-free formulas with ingredients like green tea or salicylic acid.

How to Apply Foundation for the Best Results

Now that you have picked the perfect formulation for your skin type, tone, and occasion, it’s important to get well-versed with a few foundation application techniques. These tips will help you make the best of your choicest base concoct, ensuring a flawless base!

  1. Start With Skin Prep: No glow stick can achieve the radiance emanated by healthy skin. So, to double down on efforts for photogenic perfection vis-a-vis the glam, start by lathering a hydrating moisturizer on the skin. This will create a supple, smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup application.
  2. Use a Primer: Before you go all out with your foundation, apply an even layer of a primer. Use a hydrating variety for dry skin and pore-minimizing primer for oily or acne-prone skin. A potent primer blurs blemishes, scars, and pores, creating a solid foundation for long-lasting makeup.
  3. Use a Damp Beauty Blender: Next, apply the foundation in a dot formation on your face and use a damp beauty blender to start infusing it into your skin. If you are using a high coverage foundation, this process could be lengthy and tedious. Nevertheless, be thorough while blending to avoid blotches on the surface.
  4. Add Depth and Definition for Photogenic Perfection: Finally, to get that snatched look, use a contour stick to make your bone structure pop. For the finishing touches, get a high-shine highlighter and apply it generously on the apples of the cheeks, the brow bone, and the tip of the nose. Put this glam look on lock with makeup spray.