5 Tips for Founders to Sustain Peak Performance

Have you ever watched a celebrity or well-known CEO and wondered how they manage to include fitness in their daily schedules? Many big-time movers and shakers showcase incredible energy, stamina, focus and passion as well as a generally healthy body. Although each person has their own techniques, it is well-known that adults need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week.

Whether you prefer to go to the gym, head to the wilderness or run in your neighborhood, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends this minimum level of activity for all adults. Here are some tips from founders that you can use in order to sustain your peak level of performance during exercise and at other times in your life.

Tips for Founders to Sustain Peak Performance - fitness - exercise - workout
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  1. Make Your Time Count

Celebrities and CEOs like Elon Musk often work 80 hours per week. That makes it difficult to do anything besides work and sleep. Make your time count with a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training. Musk lifts weights and uses the treadmill. It’s easy to talk on the phone, text or check messages while walking or jogging on the treadmill.

  1. Get Up Early

Exercising early in the day revs up your metabolism for the whole time you’re awake. Richard Branson gets up at 5:00 am every day, and he starts his daily workout soon thereafter. Branson changes up his workouts on a regular basis, which challenges his body more than doing the same workout every day would. Some of his favorite workouts include yoga, rock climbing, playing tennis and swimming.

Exercising earlier in the day will also help you sleep better at night. To maximize that sleep, make sure you find the hybrid mattress that supports those sore muscles. It’s best to finish your daily exercise at least two hours before bedtime.

  1. Make Exercise Convenient

If you’re unlikely to actually drive over to the gym, exercise, shower and return home to get ready for work every day, set up something at home that’s more convenient. Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, set up a gym in her home so that she can get up and exercise at 6:00 am and be at her office by 8:00 am.

Not everyone has the space for an entire home gym, but there are pieces of fitness equipment you can purchase and use at home that don’t require a lot of space. A jump rope folds up, and you can use it on your driveway or in a parking space. Resistance bands are also small, and you can take them with you when traveling. You can use your home’s stairs and walls for aerobic exercise and resistance training.

  1. Bring Company

Exercising alone may help you clear your mind and think through your day, but it can also be fun to have some company during your workout. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg runs several mornings every week, and he takes his dog with him. If you’re a new parent, you can put your baby in a jogging stroller or wear the baby in a wrap and go on a walk or hike.

Bicycle trailers and seats also make it more convenient to bring a young child along when you exercise. They’ll also benefit from the fresh air, and they’ll learn from your example that exercise is a good and healthy thing to do.

  1. Do a Variety of Exercises

Only doing the treadmill every day will make exercise boring. However, you don’t have to be like Tim Cook, a self-described “exercise nut” with your exercise routine.

Oprah Winfrey does 45 minutes of cardio six days per week. On an additional two or three days per week, she does another type of exercise. She alternates between strength training, stretching and other types of exercise that help with balance, coordination and muscle building. This is especially important for preventing health problems that increase with age, such as osteoporosis.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey does three seven-minute workouts. These high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts burn a lot of calories in little time.

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