Four Benefits of Having a Good Mobile Form

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Gathering information has changed drastically over the past few decades. Once upon a time, it had to be done through paper forms – people asking questions or having questions printed on a form and the information being scrawled out by hand. But now, with a mobile form, people can provide relevant data right from their smartphone.

The key is to provide users with a quality form that isn’t clunky and allows them to answer questions easily. But what are the benefits of having such a form? Here are four in particular.

  1. Streamlining the Process

Through the deployment of mobile forms, data can be routed in a more efficient way between an office, field employees, or consumers and the business. It means minimizing the necessity for data entry and re-entry, the physical costs of paper and its transportation, and the storage costs of keeping everything on file.

Simply put, having the proper form means making the entire process simpler and more easily accessible. That all means time and money saved in the long run, allowing organizations to collect data without having to worry about the mountain of potential costs.

  1. Speed of the Process

The older methods of data collection took time. Getting the papers in front of people, having them fill those forms out, and then getting them back to go over the data. It could take weeks or months before a form would be looked at.

But now, a simple push of a button means transferring data to an organization. There is software available that can analyze all of the information for specific keywords or bits of information, allowing organizations to make better use of that information in a far shorter period of time than ever before.

  1. Tracking and Analyzing Trends

Perhaps the biggest advantage of forms for businesses is trends. Being able to track trends and analyze them – particularly those that do not jump out right away – can help to shift the direction of an entire organization.

Having access to data is great but without utilizing that data to see what consumers are doing and where they might be going, it is a bunch of useless answers. Being able to analyze trends means staying ahead of the business curve and making changes before competitors have a chance to do the same. It can be vital to the long-term success of a business.

  1. Improving Compliance

Mobile forms are not just about collecting information. The ease of rollout means adhering to accountability and awareness standards required within that industry. It means rolling out up-to-date forms to field employees, triggering SMS or email notifications, and improving reaction time.

These forms can use timestamps and GPS for greater accuracy as well, allowing managers to know who has filled out the form, from where, and at what time. There are also specific permissions that can be assigned to ensure that only those employees have access to that version of the form.

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