Four Effective Types of Mobile Billboard Advertising to Help Your Business

Digital advertising is all the rage nowadays, and once you learn about its effectiveness and how easy it is to implement, you’ll no longer wonder why. The fact is, mobile billboard advertising is cost-effective and difficult to ignore by consumers, and it offers tons of advantages over static, non-mobile billboards that are often unseen or unnoticed by a lot of people.

If you are entertaining the thought of using digital billboards as part of your marketing and promotion program, the first thing you’ll need to do is learn about the different types available to you. Below is a description of the main types of digital billboards used today.

  1. Vehicle Wraps

These wraps can cover the entire vehicle or just a section of it, and it doesn’t matter what size the vehicle is. Streetcars and company vehicles are included in this category, and the ad can be either vinyl sheets or be painted on the vehicle for a more permanent arrangement. In most cities, you can see these wraps on various vehicles that include buses and even cabs. The wraps can be standard or eccentric and demand that consumers pay attention because they are very difficult to ignore. The wraps are generally very colourful and eye-catching as well, which is something that consumers love.

Just as with other types of mobile billboard advertising, vehicle wraps have advantages and disadvantages. They demand attention and are perfect for newer products, but they do tend to be expensive and depend on the availability of the right vehicles.

  1. Trailer Billboards

These are billboards that are hauled behind vehicles just the same as trailers are hauled. They tend to be relatively thin and are either one- or two-sided, so printed ads can be printed on each of the sides. They look like regular trailers but are there to act as an advertisement, and many of them have bright LED lights that make the ads easier to see at night. Sometimes you’ll see them parked outside of the company advertising the product or on the roads that they typically use to transport their products from Point A to Point B.

Trailer ads are easy to install and remove and can even advertise multiple products. But they are also there just to list small bits of information, so they aren’t made for long-term campaigns.

  1. Truckside Advertising

These billboards are usually two- or three-sided and are often placed on trucks not affiliated with the company advertising the product. Instead, they are often rented by that company as part of their marketing campaign. Usually, the ad consists of vinyl material that might include LED lighting so it is easier to see after dark.

Even more interestingly, they sometimes consist of a 3D effect if the panels on the truck are replaced with glass and therefore allow people to look inside. Truckside advertising is mostly found in larger cities and on major busy highways. This is a very affordable type of digital advertising, although it can be expensive to set it up in the beginning.

  1. Standard Digital Billboards

This type of mobile billboard advertising consists of several types, including both still ads and little commercials that show as people drive by in their vehicles. They can be placed on trucks or trailers and often use LED lighting and TV screening, and they are often found in places that experience a lot of activity, including fairs, festivals, tourist attractions, and sporting events. In fact, any event that attracts tons of attendees is the perfect event to use digital billboards.

If you cost-share with another company, this type of advertising is very affordable, and the ads are impossible to miss! Nevertheless, they do have a few disadvantages, including their high costs when you’re the only one advertising.

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