Four Steps to Post-Pandemic Remote Employee Management Success with Robert Nickell, CEO of Rocket Station

Robert Nickell tried to run his own real estate business but was drowning under the massive amounts of work hours he had to put in to stay afloat — until he found offshore employment options to lend a hand.

He tested and perfected a formula that would allow him to hire, train, and manage employees for his own company, then turned around and sold his newfound knowledge and connections to others. You know what they say, ‘If you can solve a common problem, you have a great business plan.’ (We might be paraphrasing, but we’re pretty sure we’ve heard that somewhere…)

Now, Rocket Station is the leading provider of offshore team hiring and management for the real estate industry since going fully remote in 2013. It has employed over 1,000 remote employees for its clients and continues to grow under its CEO and Founder. Best of all, Rocket Station’s blueprint is affordable and works for any type of business.

Read on to discover Nickell’s tips for managing a remote team, especially if you are completely new to, and perhaps unwillingly coerced into, the idea because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on how we live and work today.

Realistic Expectations

You have to pay your employees, no matter where they come from. So don’t expect stellar work if you are wanting to pay bottom dollar. That is just the reality. If you want a hard worker, make sure you set your financial expectations from the outset — you pay for what you get.

“When I first hired virtual assistants, VAs, I hired Filipinnos that didn’t speak English very well at all,” said Nickell. “As much as I wanted it to work out, the language issue made communication about projects difficult, so work didn’t get completed to my standards. You have to do your research when it comes to who you’re hiring and what they can actually do — but luckily that’s where we come in.”

Document Your Work Process to a Fault

Rocket Station serves small to medium sized, real estate focussed, businesses looking to scale. If you think of a large corporation, they have documents upon documents describing their work processes and how to do every single little thing. With almost ten years in the real estate industry, Rocket Station has found that a lot of operators (property managers, investors and brokerages) lack the documentation and position clarity to take on hiring confidently.

“It has to be that way with your company too, before you go hiring people,” said Nickell. “You have to do the work on the front end so your new employees can come in and do the job you or your in-house team was doing before, to your standards. Take the time to observe yourself and your team. Write down every single tiny detail about how you get the tasks done that you want to delegate. No detail is too small.”

By doing this, Nickell tells us that your remote employees will be able to step in and do the work ‘flawlessly,’ because the roadmap will be laid out for them to follow, step by step. Plus, you can use your new blueprint to hire the right fit.

When we asked him if he had any closing remarks, Nickell had this to say:

“Simon Sinek said, ‘We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition,’ and that quote means a lot to me,” he finished. “If we compete only with ourselves instead of the Joneses in our industry, we can keep our eyes on our own personal prize and feel proud of how hard we work every single day. I recommend that to everyone I work with. Focus on your plate, not your neighbors.”

About Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, the leading provider of outsourced staffing and process management in the real estate industry. Rocket Station knows that finding the right people for your business is hard. They give their clients a clear process for finding virtual teammates that can fuel their success. For more information, visit

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