Four Ways 5G Will Transform Business

When 4G mobile networks came online a decade ago, it changed the face of mobile communications and it changed our lives. 3G had already given us the ability to access the internet on mobile devices; 4G brought incredible advances in speed and capability. Mobile apps, video streaming, and social sharing became part of our lives. Meanwhile, new industries (think Uber and JustEat) were created, producing millions of jobs around the world. Now 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications technology, is on everyone’s lips. It’s slowly being rolled out and it’s already 10 times quicker than 4G. But speed is only part of the story: many experts say 5G will fuel the fourth industrial revolution. Whatever business you are in – 5G will be a game-changer.

Here are four ways 5G will transform business.


Let’s start with speed. 4G is around 20 times faster than 3G, but the top download speed is around 100 Mbps. Contrast that with 5G – it has the potential to reach 10 gigabits per second. It’s an enormous leap. Downloading data that took minutes will now take a few short seconds. Latency – the time between data being sent and received, will shrink to the point where all communications become real-time. In the digital era, data is a central component of business growth. The amount of information flowing between businesses and between businesses and the consumer is growing exponentially. With 5G speeds, data will move freely and instantaneously, and network issues will be a thing of the past.  


4G networks have limitations – they can only support around 2,000 connected devices per 0.38 square miles. 5G networks will increase this capacity by incredible levels, estimated to be as much as 1 million connected devices per 0.38 square miles! With the huge growth of the ‘Internet Of Things’ (all those devices that can collect and transmit data), businesses need to utilize ever-increasing amounts of devices to handle all the incoming and outgoing data. 5G will support almost unlimited numbers of devices – meaning quicker load times, more users, and more invaluable data to collect access, and use. For business – all this means more transactions, more customers, and more sales. 

Smarter Working

During the pandemic, businesses have proved very fleet of foot in pivoting from an office-based workforce to one working from home. What was borne out of necessity now looks like becoming the norm, with employees electing to achieve a better work/life balance by working at least part of the week away from the office. However, we’ve all had to deal with frozen Zoom video calls, distorted voices, and lost connections. In the future, the ability to connect wirelessly without issues from anywhere in the world will be vital. 5G makes that reality – you won’t need an ethernet cable or rely on your Wi-Fi signal not disappearing. Anyone will be able to connect with high-speed connections from virtually anywhere. The huge data capacity will also mean businesses will be able to use more advanced technology in their operations. Artificial intelligence tech and virtual/augmented reality tools will be a central part of the working environment of the future – in the office or at home!


5G will have an enormous impact on the productivity of businesses. Super-fast and super-reliable connectivity will mean no more waiting to join virtual meetings. No more sitting around waiting for files to load. Real-time connectivity means meetings can be organized and taken at the drop of a hat, and truly collaborative work can take place anywhere. Thanks to 5G, we’ll all operate at maximum efficiency levels throughout the workday. Working methods will change – employees will work less and less on high-power devices such as desktop computers. Ultimately, the smartphone will replace the computer as the main work device. Mobile apps are already revolutionising work as they’ve revolutionised our lives. Mobile apps will be used to manage everything. Even before 5G rolls out to them, businesses need to grasp and implement the amazing opportunities afforded by mobile apps. Speak to a custom mobile application development company today and get your business operating at maximum efficiency and productivity.  

Final Thoughts

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Massive technological change is happening right now, and it is vital to get your business ready for it. You’ll need to be more agile and more forward-thinking than ever before to succeed, and technology should be at the heart of your thinking. Plan now for your digital transformation and you’ll have everything in place to take full advantage of 5G when it arrives.

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