Free Plugins to Customize WordPress Admin Color Schemes

Can you assume that there are already ten plugins designed for customizing WordPress admin color schemes? This feature has recently been popular because the new admin design was added in the 3.8 release. We’ve chosen ten plugins that provide a wide selection of ways to customize and control admin color schemes. Several plugins have very similar names so that it might be easy to get them puzzled. However, if you look closely, you’ll find each does something a little different.

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  1. Admin color scheme

WordPress ships with eight different color schemes. The Admin color schemes plugin provides eight additional, expertly designed options so that you can choose from.

  1. Grey admin color schemes

The Grey admin color schemes plugin provides four slightly different grey schemes, like the classic grey color scheme from WordPress 3.7, a blue-tinted grey scheme, a modern grey and a post-modern grey.

  1. Admin color schemer

It offers one of the easy and simple and most extensive ways to create and preview admin color schemes and without having to touch any code. It includes 30 advanced options, like the ability to customize body history, links, menu history, current menu history, checked form controls, and much more.

  1. WP Admin Classic Colors

WP Admin classic colors add a new color scheme option to WordPress. It recreates the scheme that shipped with WordPress prior to 3.8, using light grey and blue colors. In addition, it adds visible menu separators between menu prevents and menu items.

  1. WP Admin Classic

WP-admin classic disables the new admin theme in WordPress 3.8+. WP Admin Classic plugin helps to disable the new admin theme and re-enables the prior 3.8 looks to your admin panel.

  1. Color schemes Roulette

Color schemes Roulette is a great plugin that randomly changes the admin color schemes each and every time you publish a post. It had been created to help and motivate users to publish more and also works hand-in-hand with the Admin color schemes plugin.

  1. Default Admin Color Scheme

Default Admin Color scheme lets you choose a default admin color scheme for new and existing users. It provides a new option to Settings > General, where you can choose a default color scheme for all those users. You can even disable the color scheme picker on the users > profile if you don’t want users to change it.

  1. Quick Admin Color Scheme Picker

Quick Admin Color Scheme Picker adds the color scheme options to the “Howdy” menu in the very best right of the WordPress admin for fast access.

  1. HS Custom Admin Theme

HS Custom Admin Theme offers you the capability to design your own color palettes for the WordPress admin area and then save them inside a library of color schemes for later use. Your options enable you to customize the background color, font color, navigation menu color, and post and page form color.

  1. Admin Bar Color

Admin Bar Color is a simple plugin that applies your active admin color scheme to the front-end WordPress admin bar. This provides a far more specific experience when switching between the front side and the backend.

If you find difficulty in changing color schemes then, you can hire WP Experts who provide basic to advance WordPress management services.

What exactly are the admin color schemes?

With WordPress 3.8’s new interface, came the capability to swap away your site’s color scheme. This is done globally by the admin or per user. You’ll find these options by going to your profile. If you’re the administrator of your site, then what you change here will have an effect on all users. However, they will also have the capability to override that themselves.

When you initially make it happen, you’ll see eight themes available. And they’re nice, totally usable. Some like it darker, some like it light, some like it funky. The basics are protected. But we’re gonna get crazy, so hold on tight!

Making use of admin color scheme plugin

When this new admin theme was growing (MP6), the team created 16 color schemes. I’m not totally sure that how they narrowed it right down to primary 8, but once you’ve installed the admin color schemes Plugin, you’ll see all 16 of these in their glory. The reason why I’m using this plugin to make my very own custom color scheme is basically that it allows me to make all my changes with this plugin, rather than in the WordPress primary data files and (gigantic NO NO).

Next, you’ll want to FTP directly into your site, navigate to the Admin color scheme plugin folder, and duplicate one of the color scheme folders and present it your own custom name.

Making it happen

Therefore, not absolutely all of us use well with colors (ahem, Michael Baston). So I recommend using to browse through their color palettes and simply choose one which works for you. Or, if you need to customize the admin to your frontend, then colorZilla has a great tool. Go directly to the webpage you want to make use of in your color palette, then go through the ColorZilla icon, and go to “webpage Color Analyzer” it’ll scan your webpage for the major colors used and spit them out into prevents that you can select and choose your color from. Here’s the palette I’m working with:

You can view that just so through the color and you can then choose either RGB or hex data.

Digging in deeper

Now, it’s awesome to have the ability to change everything with just those 4 color properties, but if you’re like me, you want more control. The Admin color scheme plugin offers you that. Navigate to the plugin folder again and start_ variables .scss. There you can see all the several SASS variables accessible to you to upgrade your color scheme with. In the end, my color scheme appears like this:


We’ve chosen ten plugins that provide a wide selection of ways to customize and control admin color schemes. Several plugins have very similar names so that it might be easy to get them puzzled. However, if you look closely you’ll find each does something a little different.

These are advanced ways to customize WordPress and share some super-easy customization techniques for the WordPress Admin area. You can also hire WP Experts who help you to change the color scheme of the website.

In fairness, the WordPress admin is already well designed, and the default settings work very well — many WordPress users might never feel the need or the urge to make any changes to the admin.

In my opinion, though, when you work regularly with something, you should always be looking to make tweaks to help you work more efficiently. Most of the suggestions in today’s article are relatively small, but if they can help you work just a little bit faster, over time the benefits can be significant.

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