Free Vs Paid Privacy Policy Page Generator? Which One to Choose

A privacy page builds the website’s credibility and helps visitors trust your site. The law mandates it in specific regions. If you are planning to create a website or you’re already running one, keep in mind that privacy policies are an essential factor, not just for website users but more of your end protection.

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The page discloses to site users how you protect obtained information, what you’ll do with them, and why you’re collecting it.

Is Privacy Policy Essential For Your Website?

The privacy policy explains everything to your site visitor and what’ll happen to all the information that they provided. If you don’t have one, then you might be breaching specific law, worse, someone can file a legal claim against your website. With a privacy policy, your website has virtual security against malicious claims from disgruntled website visitors.

Online privacy security is a trending topic worldwide. The absence of one has a severe risk of getting fined or sued. Unfortunately, and often, these pages are filled with legal jargon that is confusing and hard to replicate. There are some clauses that you may never be familiar with or don’t know how to comply with.

Most website owners hire lawyers that help generate policy suitable for the business. Thanks to privacy policy generators, you can easily create one that will cover everything about your business, and in between without hiring a lawyer.

While there are free privacy policy generators out there, this software cannot guarantee legal protection. This is why we think you should take a premium policy generator instead, as it offers total security and coverage with all the details needed to include in your policy terms. Premium policy generators provide complete customization, and they come in free customizable templates that help you generate one unique and full policy in a few minutes.

What Are Online Privacy Policy Generators?

While it can be tempting to copy or get inspiration from privacy policy found online, taking shortcuts and not paying attention to details can lead to damaging results in the future.

Online policy generators are best suitable for start-up businesses and small companies that are still on a tight budget to hire legal personnel to write one for them. Paid policy generators should do the job and suffice legal protection to your website and the business itself.

This software enables you to custom-fit a privacy policy suitable for your business in just a few minutes. There are two types of privacy policy generators: paid and free.

Which One Should You Choose: Paid or Free Privacy Policy Generator

While it’s advisable always to use premium (paid) policy generators, the use of free policy generators is also getting popular. However, the use of this software will depend on the required privacy level of a particular website or your preference if you can walk away from the free policy generators, best to do that now.

Free privacy policy generators must be avoided at all times as it can do you more harm than the benefits that it promises. However, if you do not value much of your customers or your online reputation, then a free policy can be your thing.

Nonetheless, paid privacy policy generators are better. They are worth the money you’ll be investing in with the protection that they provide on your business website. Most paid privacy policy generator comes with Terms and Conditions, jurisdiction-sensitive, complete customization, fast, easy, and complete with everything you need.

Advantages of having a privacy policy on your website:

  • Privacy policies are everywhere. Whether you are collecting information from your site users or not, it’s best to have one written for your protection and credibility.
  • Clients are more interested in their privacy, especially with the use of their personal information.
  • A privacy policy is required by any third-party services you’ll be using.
  • If you’re going to collect sensitive information, then it’s required by the law to have a privacy policy for protection.


A privacy policy is an essential legal agreement needed for any online business. Whether you are using a free or a paid service, it’s vital to have protection for your business while explaining to users what happens to the data you’ve collected.

The free privacy policy can be tempting but using a paid service gives you peace of mind knowing that your website is secured from potential legal claims against site users.

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