Freshteam vs. Breezy HR- how freshteam is the better HRMS solution

HRMS (human resource management system) is one of the most important aspects of any business organization. How effectively a company or any organization operates depends in part on the type of HRMS solution it uses. There are plenty of different HR automation tools available in the market. Most HR professionals consider Breezy HR and Freshteam as HRMS leaders.

HRMS image 009933They are both highly effective and efficient HRMS solutions. However, which one has the edge over the other, i.e., which one do most people think is better? Let’s find out.

Freshteam vs. Breezy HR

Pricing Structure

Price is one of the most important factors that businesses consider before selecting the right HRMS solution.

Freshteam – offers a 21 day free trial to any business organization which has fewer than 50 employees. Users can pay either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Breezy HR – this platform offers a variety of SMB plans and quote-based enterprise pricing. They only offer free packages for a one-user team, while their dearest pack is $149 per month.

Language Support

An HRMS solution needs to be multilingual if its creator wants to reach companies and other organizations across the world.

Freshteam – is a multilingual software program which appears in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and Dutch. In other words, it supports eight different languages.

Breezy HR – only supports five languages, which are English, Turkish, Dutch, Polish and Swedish. A company with offices all over the world, in countries that do not speak any of these five languages, might have difficulties using this software effectively.


A good HRMS solution needs to integrate with other tools and social media networks so that HR professionals can easily find suitable candidates.

Freshteam – can be easily integrated with the other products from their family like the Freshdesk, Freshworks family, Freshdervice, Freshsales, and Freshcaller. Apart from their family products, it can also be easily integrated with popular social media channels such as – Google Calendar, Gmail, LinkedIn, HackerRank, etc.,

Breezy HR – is also very socially connected. It can be integrated with popular sites like BambooHR, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, HelloSign, Google Work apps, and numerous others.


For HR professionals, an HRMS software’s connectivity with the company’s current operating system is crucial. If connectivity is a problem, the system will not be considered.

Freshteam – can function properly on following devices and operating systems – Windows, Android, iPhone, MacBook, and Web-Based Tools.

Breezy HR – this platform is pretty much the same as its rival as far as connectivity is concerned.

Useful For

In this context, ‘useful’ refers to how relevant and beneficial the HRMS is for your business requirements.

Freshteam – organisations with the small, medium and larger business operations benefit from using this tool.

Breezy HR – this platform is also ideal for small, medium, or large business enterprises.

Customer Support

All users of devices, tools, and software programs contact customer support if their product does not work or has a problem. The same applies to users of HRMS tools.

Freshteam – customers can contact customer support by telephone and email. It has a live support system, training, and tickets.

Breezy HR – Like its competitor, this platform is also easily contactable by phone and email. It also has a wide range of customer support tools.

 Basic Features

Every product or service has features. The term ‘features’ refers to a product’s or service’s function or characteristics that have value to users or customers. Before deciding which HRMS solution is best for your company, you need to know what its basic features are.

Freshteam – features include recruitment CRM, 360-degree dashboard, personalization, collaborative hiring, job posting management notifications, bulk email actions, archived talent pool, interviewing, employment referrals, etc.,

Breezy HR – offers some nice features such as team collaboration, unlimited users, candidates scorecards, candidates sourcing, smart searching, in-app scheduling, posting on premium job boards, reference checks, questionnaire, hiring management inboxes, customizable template, and much more.

Who uses them?

Finding out who has used a product or service and what they thought of it is an essential part of your research before you decide which one to purchase.

Freshteam – in the list of satisfied customers of Freshteam, you will not see any prominent names.

Breezy HR – prominent names are quite impressive, and include, for example, Zapier, Freshii Restaurants, Liftable Media, and Hamilton Recruitment.


In the world of HRMS solutions, competition is fierce. After comparing Freshteam and Breezy HR, we can see that they are both good products. However, after carefully gathering and analyzing data on the two systems, it appears that Freshteam has the edge.

If you are looking for an alternative to Breezy HR, you should seriously consider becoming a Freshteam user. Soon after exploring the platform, users can create jobs and broadcast them, invite their team onboard, set up hiring workflows, and start collaborating over recruitment decisions.

Freshteam writes the following on its websites:

“Depending on their roles, everyone can view incoming candidate profiles, leave comments for each other, converse with candidates, schedule interviews, give feedback and do everything ‘recruiting’ in one place.”

The letters HR stand for Human Resources.