Fun halloween costume ideas

Halloween is a time to have fun. It is a time when both adults and kids dress up in different fun styles to celebrate the season. Having a fun Halloween costume is a necessity because while the celebration is in the air, you ought to look the part.

If you are thinking of what fun Halloween costume ideas to go with, this article has all the answers you need. We have outlined some fun Halloween costume ideas you can explore.

Fun Halloween costume ideas

For the next Halloween, here are some fun costume ideas:

Dressing up as a human skeleton

Dressing up as a human skeleton costume is one fun attire for Halloween. This complete costume package comes with a hooded jumpsuit, a pair of gloves, and a mask to match. The skeleton is printed on the material both at the front and the back to give a complete view of a real human skeleton.

The hand gloves feature bones printed on them both at the front and the back to complete the skeleton hand. The mask has tiny openings to aid sight. Also, the mask has facial skeleton features and a skull. This costume is designed to make you look like a real skeleton.

Dressing up as Maleficent

Disney’s Maleficent is a much cherished character you can replicate during Halloween. Given the storyline surrounding this character and the popularity of the role, it is a costume that will surely be a head-turner when you storm any Halloween party.

This costume includes a dress made with generous material and a flowing design that gives the feel of Maleficent. The headpiece with the famous two horns completes the costume. And because your dress is well done, you sure are the day’s Maleficent!

Dressing up as a gimp

If you enjoy being submissive during sexual act with your partner, you may choose to dress up as a gimp for Halloween. This costume includes a bodysuit that highlights your features. This bodysuit comes with a strap. You can buy gimp masks online pretty easily, either novelty styles on Ebay or genuine ones from BDSM stores if you want a truly authentic look. 

Prestigious mermaid costume

Dressing up as a mermaid can be fun for Halloween if you get the costume right. The costume includes a tightly fitting shirt made with fine designs. This will be attached to an inflatable overskirt. It is more fun if there are fans attached to the over skirt. Then you top it with jewelries and decorations that make you look the part more.

Dressing up as a fairy godmother

Dressing up as one of Disney’s fairy godmother is another fun costume for Halloween. This costume consists of a sleeveless long gown and a robe on top. 

The robe has a large hoodie and overly large hands that makes it more into character. It features a bow with two large flaps. Then there is the famous wand that completes the fairy godmother look.

This costume does not only relive your favorite Disney fairy godmother character but makes your Halloween celebration more fun.


There are many costumes you can explore for the next Halloween. There is the gimp costume that you can explore if you are a fan of BDSM. This costume is designed for the partner who likes to be submissive and please the dom. 

There are others like Disney’s fairy godmother, Maleficent, or a mermaid from your favorite movie. You can also choose to dress as a human skeleton to bring some more fun to the party. The options outlined here are some of the best costumes that can hardly go wrong.

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