Funded Trading Plus Review: Is This Firm Worth it? 

You find the financial markets captivating, don’t you? The lure of trading opportunities and the thrill of strategic decision-making have piqued your interest. 

You’re not just daydreaming; you have substantial plans and ambitions you’re eager to pursue. Yet, you need the right platform to give those ambitions wings and the room to soar. 

Allow me to introduce you to Funded Trading Plus. This isn’t merely a name or a brand; it serves as a specialized avenue designed to transform your trading aspirations into achievable outcomes.

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Have you ever thought about being in London? Imagine you’re there at Funded Trading Plus’s main office. This isn’t just a regular trading platform. It’s a doorway to live trading, with a possible starting capital of $200,000. You can start trading with that money, even if you’re new.

This Funded Trading Plus review will help you understand how this platform can give you a real advantage. Ready? Let’s go further.

How Is Funded Trading Plus Different?

There’s no shortage of firms clamoring for your attention in the sprawling trading universe. These companies often dangle the carrot of funded trading accounts, claiming to be your gateway to trading success. 

While many of these promises are enticing, Funded Trading Plus has a unique proposition. They are bold enough to label themselves as one of the best prop trading firms and have compelling reasons for such a claim.

How do they differentiate themselves? It all starts with customization. At Funded Trading Plus, one size doesn’t fit all; they acknowledge that traders come with diverse experiences and skill levels. 

Due to this, the platform provides you with not one but three tailored pathways—Experienced Trader, Advanced Trader, and Master Trader. Each of these routes is designed with a specific type of trader in mind, allowing for a far more personalized trading journey.

Just as you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a suit that’s either too tight or too loose, a trading program should fit your level of expertise and financial goals. Choosing a pathway with a Funded Trading Plus promo coupon is akin to selecting a suit that’s been custom-tailored to fit you impeccably. 

It hugs your trading skills in all the right places, providing enough room for growth while ensuring you’re not overwhelmed.

How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

This company works hand in hand with EightCap, a brokerage firm. Here, you don’t have just one way to get started. They offer three ways: a single evaluation, immediate funding, or a two-step evaluation. And the good news? You get to keep a big part of the profits — 90% of them.

If you pass the evaluation, they’ll open a live trading account. It starts at $200,000, but don’t set your sights too low. The sky’s the limit—really. The most you can aim for is $250 million. So, Is this Prop Trading firm legit? By all means, it seems to offer a robust platform.

 Funded Trading Plus Coupon/Discount Code

Interested yet? Well, they also offer a Funded Trading Plus coupon code. You’ll get a 10% discount if you use the code MODEST. 

That’s not all. Hit a 10% profit, and they’ll refund 115% of your evaluation fee. You can also learn more about our Funded Trading Plus discount code here

Who Benefits Most From Funded Trading Plus?

Are you an old hand at trading? Then, this platform might be a good fit. The Advanced Trader Programs and generous profit sharing make it a pretty good deal. 

Even if you’re not a veteran but love day trading, Funded Trading Plus is worth considering. They don’t limit your strategies, offering a great degree of flexibility.

Why Choose Funded Trading Plus?

Why is Funded Trading Plus a good choice? For starters, they don’t box you in. There are no time limits. You can try out a range of trading strategies, and their customer service is really helpful.

Pros of Funded Trading Plus 

  • The platform accommodates everyone, from newbies to pros. 
  • They offer a big profit share—up to 90%. 
  • There’s no strict time limit when you’re being evaluated
  •  They welcome many different trading strategies.
  • Their customer service is also often praised.

Cons of Funded Trading Plus 

  • Some traders find the maximum drawdown limits challenging.
  • You can’t trade overnight.

Is Funded Trading Plus Worth It?

Trading is a tough world. Yet, with Funded Trading Plus, it feels a bit more manageable. Their commitment to helping you and their tech and expertise make them a notable player in the trading landscape. Regardless of where you’re from or how old you are, our Funded Trading Plus coupon opens the door.  

So, it’s more than a place. It’s an experience. It’s where you can trade like the big names on Wall Street, all while backed by real capital. 

Want to give it a go? Click here to sign up for Funded Trading Plus and find out for yourself.