Future Of Cloud Technology

What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology or Cloud Computing the delivery of IT resources over the internet on demand. It is something taken ‘on rent’ and not buying, owning or maintaining servers and physical data servers. You can access technological services, such as computing power, storage, and databases according to your need from a cloud provider.

Who is using Cloud Technology?

Almost all organizations of every size, type and industry are using the cloud for different purposes such as virtual desktops (Windows Virtual Hosting or Linux Virtual Hosting), software development data backup, disaster recovery, email, and testing, big data analytics, and customer-facing web applications. For example, financial services use the cloud to detect real-time fraud and its prevention. Health sectors use the cloud to develop more personalized and customized treatments for patients. Similarly, video game makers are using the cloud to deliver online games to a huge number of players around the world.

It is true that no one can tell the future, but can predict it, by analyzing the current series of trends and usage. Nowadays, everything can be connected to Cloud Computing. It has the scope in the whole new world of jobs, applications, services, and platforms. A hybrid of IT solutions can be made in the future of Cloud computing by combining cloud-based software products and on-premises compute. The modified cloud is scalable and flexible, and provides organized process and a better way of processing data with security and control over data center.

Features of Cloud Technology

Let’s discuss about the features of the cloud which makes its future brighter in the IT sector.

1. Increased Performance of Internet

The quality of the internet can be increased with the help of the Internet of Things. You can store data in the cloud with the help of the IoT and Cloud Computing to analyze it further. In this way, it provides enhanced performance by high-quality fast-loading services and application. Eventually, it will result in faster network and quicker ability to receive and deliver the data.

2. Internet of Things Along With Cloud Computing

The internet of things is a leading Technology. Cloud computing also helps in many machine-to-machine communications, data, and processes.

3. Modular Software Will Be Priority

As the size of an individual program along with the complexity is increasing regularly, the Cloud technology will soon require advance system thinking.

So, in future, it is expected that the applications will store on places other than the cloud such as different modules, on servers of different Cloud Service.

This will result in the reduction of the cost of software as it is economical to place components on different storage.

4. Increase in Storage Capacity

Nowadays, data is being generated in a huge volume and it is difficult to store it with security. All companies need a place to store their data securely.

That is why, many businesses are adopting cloud computing because it is an easy prediction that the Cloud providers will provide more data centers at a cheaper rate because of the large competition between them.

5. Data says everything

It is hard to believe but if we compare the data of first quarter of 2021 to first quarter of 2020, there was 35% increase in year-on-year growth and a 5% increase in quarter-on-quarter growth. Financially, $11 billion was more spent in first quarter of 2021 compare to first quarter of 2020, and $2 billion more spent in first quarter of 2021 compare to 4th quarter of 2020.

6. Improvement in Cloud Services

Many researchers have already proved that Cloud Computing will be one of the leading technologies in the future. It is predicted that software as a service solution will account for more than 60% of the workload. It is also pretty clear that both platform and infrastructure as a service will increase in future, because most of the organizations are using it.

Cloud Computing suits all types of organizations as it user-friendly and compatible for both new and old organizations.

7. Security

It is also predicted that the cloud providers will provide better security measures in future to prevent cyber attacks. Nowadays, the data stored in the cloud is secured, but not completely.

Summary of Future of Cloud Computing

All organizations are continuously looking for new innovative ways to grow and accomplish their business goals. Cloud computing ensures that your business keeps on growing in the future.

Cloud computing is a powerful technology and will continue to grow in the future and provide many benefits.

Cloud computing is highly economical and companies will keep on using it for their growth. Undoubtedly, cloud computing has a bright future and will continue to provide benefits to both the provider and the user.

It is suggested that you must be familiar with the latest development and updates taking place in Cloud technology.

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