Here’s What You Should Know About the Future of Web Development

Future of web development image 44444Whether you’re a web developer or a business owner, understanding where trends are going is important. If you work for one of the top web development firms in the markeplace today, you will want to provide the best tactics and design strategies to your clients. As a business owner, you don’t want to fall behind your competition.

A forward-thinking approach always ensures you’re one step ahead of everyone else around you. And when it comes to web design, being in the know is more important than ever. After all, your website is often the first impression a potential customer gets and experienced web developers like Ramotion-web know this very well. With that in mind, here’s what you should know about the future of web development:

Hosting Will Change

Web hosting goes hand in hand with development, and as such, it’s important for those enrolled in a web developer course to consider how the future of hosting will impact the Web. Already, there are dozens of hosting options, from VPS to shared to dedicated and Cloud.

Web hosting support companies like have emerged to answer the growing need to provide reliable support solutions for business that offer their own hosting services.

Because in the future, hosting will have to be more innovative than ever. As a result, webmasters will be willing to pay more premium prices for powerful web hosting solutions. Green web hosting and decentralized hosting will also carve a niche in the space, with blockchain leading the revolution.

Web Development Cost Falls as Coding Gets Easier

There’s been an increasing need for non-developers to learn to code or be able to build websites easily, and moving forward, coding technology will become more accessible and the drag-and-drop web builders of today will become more fully fleshed out.

The rise of drag-and-drop demonstrates the increasing interest among non-savvy or low-skilled programmers to design, but they are hardly comprehensive. These builders make customization very difficult, and users are often limited in creativity.

In the future, you can expect coding to be more “block based” with components. These components will allow for more robust development, as they can be shared, changed, and replaced like Lego parts and building blocks.

Virtual Reality & Web Design

Virtual reality will play an important role in the future of web design. Already, an open program called WebVR makes it possible to view virtual reality directly from your browser. Although it’s still in its infancy stages, major companies like Microsoft and Google have already started to invest in VR and its web application properties.

With WebVR, those applications will become much more immersive. Already, you can visit a real estate website and go on a 360-degree virtual tours. With VR, you’ll be fully immersed in a home, navigating hallways and bedrooms as accurately as if you were there.

Online gaming, of course, would also take on a whole new meaning. And ecommerce businesses will be able to allow their customers to digitally interact with their products, creating a unique web shopping experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will continue to grow in web development. First, it’s important to note the difference between AI and VR. In layman’s terms, artificial intelligence exists in your computer and technology, while virtual reality exists where you exist. Artificial intelligence mimics the activity of the human brain, while virtual reality uses hardware to trick the brain into submerging into a non-existing scenario.

Voice search is a great example of AI; if you’ve ever had a conversation with Siri, you’ve interacted with AI. Chatbot-enabled customer service has already taken off; in the future, artificial intelligence will be incorporated into the standard end-to-end Web experience.

You can expect to be able to speak to your computer and browsers just as you would to a device like Amazon Echo. Several companies are also in the process of working out AI algorithms that will actually build websites for you, making decisions about branding and layout based on your suggestions and feedback.

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