FX2 Funding Review 2023: Hassle Free Forex Trading 

So, you’re looking into FX2 Funding, a company that’s still got that new car smell since it opened its doors in January 2023. It’s part of the growing world of prop trading firms. These companies give folks like you some money to trade with and then share any profits you make.

FX2 Funding has a unique way of doing things. Their main thought is to make forex trading—the buying and selling of currencies—simple and flexible. They’re banking on the idea that giving you more room to make your own choices could lead to better outcomes. Of course, this is just their take on how to succeed in this competitive space.

In this FX2 Funding review, we’ll dig a little deeper to see how well this new kid on the block stacks up against the older, more experienced players in the game of prop trading. So, keep your eyes peeled for that.

What Is FX2 Funding?

You might be asking, what’s so different about FX2 Funding? It’s based in the United States but teams up with an Australian company called Eightcap. This helps it run its computer systems. The main thing about FX2 is that it wants to make things easy for you. It’s unlike other best forex prop trading firms with many rules and limits. FX2 does away with many restrictions, so you’re free to trade how you want.

How Does FX2 Funding Work?

So, how do you get started? FX2 Funding gives you a choice. You can pick from five different types of accounts. These range from $10,000 to a whopping $200,000. And here’s the catch: they’ll split the profits with you, giving you up to 85%.

Most places offer a ‘demo account’ where you practice with fake money. But not here. FX2 Funding believes in you so much they start you off with real cash. You only need to pay a small evaluation fee, starting at just $95.

For the evaluation, you only need to follow three simple rules:

  • You must make at least a 10% profit.
  • You can’t lose over 6% of your account in one go.
  • You can’t lose more than 4% in a single day.

Oh, and make sure you keep trading. If you stop for 30 days, that’s a no-go.

Beyond these rules, you can trade as you please. Once you prove yourself by making a 10% gain, FX2 will boost your account by another 10%. You can keep growing like this up to a limit of $1,000,000.

Features of FX2 Funding

Let’s talk about what FX2 offers you. They don’t tell you how to trade. Whether you like to copy other traders or rely on news, it’s all up to you. Keep as much as 85% of your profits. You decide how fast or slow you want to trade. 

Their evaluation is as easy as pie. You skip the practice stage and dive right into trading real money. And guess what? You can ask for your first payment after just one week. Then, every two weeks, you can expect another payment.

FX2 Funding Pricing

Now, how much is this going to cost you? It’s cheaper than you might think. You can pay as little as $95 or as much as $925. But here’s the big news: You can get this fee back. They will return the fee after you pass the evaluation and ask for your first payment. The payment methods are flexible, too. Thanks to a partnership with Deel.com, you can choose payment methods, including PayPal and Revolut.

Is FX2 Funding the Right Fit for You?

You might wonder if FX2 Funding is the place for you as you explore the world of prop trading firms that offer extra money for trading. These places can help people like you who want to trade but need funds and tips.

Are you a beginner with big hopes but a small budget? FX2 Funding aims to give you the money you need to start trading.

Maybe you’ve been trading for a while and want to do even better. FX2 Funding could offer you more money to trade with, so you can try new ways to succeed.

If you’re a pro trader seeking simpler choices, FX2 Funding has a single evaluation step to make things easy. This could work well for you.

And don’t worry about your trading style. Whether you like to trade based on news, make quick trades, or even use expert tools, FX2 Funding says it can support how you like to work.

Pros of FX2 Funding 

  • One-stage evaluation process
  • No time limit
  • No stop loss required
  • High-profit share
  • Scaling plan
  • Different account sizes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Allows weekend positions

Cons of FX2 Funding 

  • No CFD trading is available


So, let’s wrap this up. FX2 Funding offers a different way to trade. It doesn’t tie you down with too many rules. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been trading for years, FX2 offers you freedom and choice. It’s a crypto prop trading firm that accommodates forex traders, allowing you to venture into multiple markets. 

Ready to try? Click here to sign up for FX2 Funding. Your next step in the trading world could be just a step away.