Gambling in Indonesia: here is everything you probably didn’t know

I’m going to go straight to the point and tell you that gambling of all sorts is highly prohibited in Indonesia. In fact, the act is completely illegal.

If you’re caught gambling in Indonesia, you may be sentenced to spend some time behind the bar!


Yet, Indonesians gamble a lot. How brave of them, you would say. Unless, of course, they aren’t exactly gambling within Indonesia.

Gambling in Indonesia
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To satiate their gambling hunger, Indonesians turn to online gamble. And since there isn’t a shortage of places to gamble online, Indonesians can finally suit their desires without breaking any law.

As expected, there are lots of sites, agents, and platforms that specifically target the Indonesian gambling audience. For example, sites like pride themselves as the largest online slot in Indonesia. And so anyone who wants to gamble on slots within Indonesia or anywhere else in the world can log in to their sites and play.

Why is gambling illegal in Indonesia?

All forms of gambling in Indonesia are illegal due to the dominant religion of Islam.

Although the country runs a democratic government like what’s practiced in the U.S., India, and the rest of the world, there are still some elements of the popular Islamic Sharia law in their laws.

As such, the country forbids all forms of gambling as it is considered addicting, evil, and a cause for people to forget their social responsibilities.

The result?

No land-based casino or gambling house is permitted in Indonesia. Although some years ago, it was said that there used to be some underground casinos in the country, which had slot machines, roulette stands, card tables, and poker tables.

But even then, these kinds of casinos were member-only and reserved for the crème de la crème of the society, with membership fees often running as high as thousands of dollars.

Today, such high-end, classy casinos don’t even exist anymore.

Online gambling in Indonesia

Even in the Western countries where gambling is not frowned upon, land-based casinos are not really what they used to be. Nowadays, everyone is turning to online gambling because such forms of gambling are easier and more comfortable.

We now have online slots, online roulette, online poker, online blackjack, and online “ANYTHING” you can think of.

Indonesians were not ignorant of this opportunity. They, too, embraced this newfound form of gambling.

But seeing as the country is so against all forms of gambling, the government still found a way to clamp down on online gambling.

The government blocked access to international casino game providers, leaving Indonesians with no option other than to play via VPN, which is a great risk.

To make matters worse, even when Indonesians were able to access foreign-based casino sites via VPN, they end up finding out that some of these sites don’t accept Indonesian gamblers because they don’t accept Indonesian credit cards.

To solve this problem, the concept of gambling agent erupted in Indonesia.

The introduction of online gambling agent in Indonesia

Since the government won’t allow people to access international gambling providers, the concept of gambling agents started gaining traction.

Basically, what these agents do is help Indonesian gamblers access the most famous international game providers.

On the subject of foreign websites not accepting Indonesian credit cards, these agents help to convert Indonesian currency to dollars, giving players the opportunity to gamble on their favorite game.

Although some of these agents will require you to make a minimum deposit, it’s always a very small amount of money that gamblers can easily afford to pay. Commonly, you’ll be asked to make a minimum deposit of IDR20,000 (less than 2 dollars).

What happens if you’re caught gambling online

Honestly, there is no evidence to suggest the government will punish you if you’re found gambling online. Although several “rumors” have flown about in the past, suggesting that the government arrests and prosecutes anyone found gambling online.

Whether this is true or not remains a mystery. I hope none of us ever lives to find out. But realistically, it’s going to be pretty hard for someone to be caught gambling online.

Remember, ”online” means it’s virtual, discreet, and only known to you alone.

If you’re going to be caught, then someone must have to rat you out. In which case, they’ll need to find the evidence on you.

In any case, since there’s no formal declaration or evidence to suggest the Indonesian government punishes online gamblers, it’s safe to assume they don’t. And as such, players are free to play their favorite casino games online.

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