How The Gambling Industry Continues To Grow

The gambling industry is massive. With billions generated each year, both through online and land-based casinos or slots, it is staggering to see the impact and growth that the industry continues to have.

All of this has come in spite of the events of the last year and a half as people have sought to use casinos as a refuge from the madness of the modern world. But just how big is it, and can the juggernaut continue to grow?

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Facts and figures

First things first, let’s just look at the volume of people that gamble on a yearly basis. According to the latest statistics, almost a quarter of the world’s population admit to gambling on a regular basis, with the figure standing at approximately 1.6 billion.

In addition to this, almost 4.2 billion people said that they have gambled at some point over the course of the year. In the UK alone, online gambling generates upwards of £5.3 billion, whilst in the US, this revenue figure stood at $306.5 billion in 2018.

Just these figures alone show how huge the industry really is and it seems set to keep on growing in the future. Even with the pandemic in full effect, it was still expected that almost $60 billion would be made, despite millions of land venues being forced to close. This has helped the online side of it to grow, and once they reopen, the revenues will only increase further, with more and more companies utilizing the online market as a result.

How far can it go?

It remains to be seen how far it can go, but with swathes of people moving online, whether to use slots or just to play online poker, it is clear that there is an increase in popularity. The ease of access that smartphones, tablets, and laptops offer means that more people than ever can access these slots and casinos, whether it is for the first time or even as part of a continued hobby. These online slots offer a chance to speak to people similar to yourselves and can offer a sense of camaraderie.

They can also be a source of advice as sometimes people will direct you towards the slots they enjoy. At they offer you the chance to get involved, join the online gambling world, and by extension, become part of an ever-expanding industry. With the slots at the touch of a button, it has now never been easier to take up a new hobby.



Whilst profits did drop last year, as they did in many global industries, online gambling still managed to maintain a strong presence.

With sports betting and slot machines being present online and helping to push the brands, it looks likely that revenues will once again increase as some of the land casinos reopen, and with the growth that the online side of it has seen, in all likelihood, the gambling industry will continue to expand. More importantly, though, it will bounce back and probably be even stronger than before.

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