Game Art Vs Game Design: Differences, Roles and Ways to Find Experts in Each Area

In any case, despite all the common misconceptions, there is a difference in graphic design and game art. Even in cases where the terms “game art” and “game design” are interchanged, there are pitfalls too. It is clear that not everyone has enough experience in the gaming industry to understand this difference.

If the field of video game art and design is new to you, or if you still think video game art and design are the same things, then this article is for you.

For most, what is written here is obvious and taken for granted, but for others, this material will certainly be useful. This is especially true for people who have not previously worked in the gaming industry. Well, if you’re dreaming of large and successful projects in the nearest future, go on reading this article!

Game Art Vs Game Design

What is game art and design? Lest’s see! Game art is a complex area that, on the one hand, embodies creativity and imagination, and on the other, a set of functions – to portray, appeal, etc. Game design is also a multi-purpose area involving the creation of content – from visuals to its rules and levels.

But still, in most companies, where these functions are divided into different departments, there is often a misunderstanding – game designers try to draw with the hands of artists, or artists put visualization above the gameplay.

Basically, game art and game design are different roles with different types of knowledge and skills that ultimately influence the final product. But at the same time, all teams must work together to create a good product.

The appearance of the whole product is one of the defining factors of its success that is based on the playing experiences of the target audience. Some need to look real to players so that they could plunge into the virtual world quickly and smoothly. It is relevant to VR technologies.

Other projects focus on stylish effects. Modeling, character, and environment designs, texturing are all the responsibilities of an artist. A designer, depending on the specialization and needs of a particular studio or project, can combine the functions of a manager, a narrator, a mathematician. They understand the mechanics of a game, control the timing and process of its creation.

The Role of Game Artists

Game artists are graphic artists who work out the visual effect of the overall product and separate elements of their content. They envision what the items will look like in each project based on concepts.

Their artistic creativity comes in handy to create sketches for preliminary designs of characters, environments, and other assets. These sketches must fit the intended message, art style, and genre. They need to turn those sketches or concepts into final good 2D or 3D graphics. Usually, they work under the direction of a lead artist. This is the most experienced specialist who is responsible for working out a specific artistic vision of the whole project.

They can also create artwork for product packaging, promotional materials, and websites. Some of them specialize in the design of human figures and characters, others in buildings and landscapes, and some in textures for 3D objects.

Companies like 3D art company – Kevuru Games have a team of experts that can help with this. They can fulfill all requirements to meet every customer request in every specific direction. These artists work with the entire development team to make art functional for each particular project.

The Role of Game Designers

Over the decades of the gaming industry’s existence, the profession of “game designer” has acquired countless myths and misconceptions. Someone assumes that they are engaged in assembling levels, someone – that it is game designers who write the code and fix bugs. Some are sure that these specialists are responsible for the visual component: models, concept art, and other art.

The key role of a game designer is to come up with and think over the rules by which the game will work and to make them as interesting as possible. And then their task is to convey all workable ideas to the rest of the team – and preferably in such a way that everyone has about the same picture in their heads.

It is designers who usually decide what the player can and cannot do, how the enemies will behave, what obstacles will be in the way, and what kind of final experience the users will get.

Where to Find Experts in Video Game Art and Design

When making games, it takes most experts to achieve the ultimate goal – a well-designed product of high quality. But finally, each of them is both artists and, to one degree or another, designers. This symbiosis leads to destructive, exciting projects that are on everyone’s lips today.

Take time to find the best specialists in each area taking into consideration the next ways:

  1. Browse through the list of companies specializing in video game art and design. In this article, we’ve named a professional team of experts. At, you can find multiple proofs of their expertise. But again, today, you aren’t limited to only this option.
  2. Visit freelancing platforms and sort freelancers by key requirements. As a result, you’ll need to scan every potential candidate to meet your specific business goals. Don’t forget to study their portfolio, ask technical questions, and take other essential interviewing steps.

After long searches, why not apply to specialized video game art and design services? But again, the difference in graphic design and game art is presented to you in details, So, it’s up to you what to choose for your own project.

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