GamStop Self-Exclusion: How To Get around GamStop 

Before an online casino platform can receive a gambling license in the UK, it needs to meet several requirements, one of them being registered to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s regulation on fighting gambling issues. One of the most important criteria to meet is for the online platform to become a member of Gamstop.

This has caused a constant headache for some bettors in the UK. While Gamstop was meant to be beneficial to all gamblers by providing self-exclusion from all UK’s betting sites with just a click, it is difficult to get out of it once you sign up for the self-exclusion and commit six months or five years to it.

This becomes a problem for people that changes their mind halfway, and they start to wonder how to cancel Gamstop. They will even go as far as emailing the service to explain why they don’t want that exclusion anymore, only to discover that Gamstop will not take any step back. Almost nothing can be done to convince Gamstop to cancel your self-exclusion, and this usually leads to gamblers looking for UK casinos not on GamStop to continue their gambling experience. 

However, there are ways to bypass this restriction you’ve placed on yourself by activating GamStop. In this article, we will be listing out several ways people employ to go around the restrictions placed by Gamstop. 

UK Betting Platforms Not On GamStop

It is important to note that becoming a member of GamStop is a compulsory criterion for all UK betting platform that intends to operate under a license within the region. But you won’t have to worry about GamStop if the online platform doesn’t have a license.

This is one of the methods gamblers in the UK take to bypass the restrictions of GamStop. However, you should know that you stand a chance of losing everything you put into that account. Experienced gamblers all know that casinos/betting sites that are not licensed are illegal. They can be shut down at any moment either by the platform itself or by the UK Gambling Commission, so you should avoid gambling there. 

Using A VPN To Bet Abroad

It’s 2022, and everybody should know about the impressive feature a VPN has of allowing people to access media and TV content not available in your region. While it’s not restricted to only that feature, we are not interested in that for now. You can use VPN to help you pretend you’re in another country, then proceed to gamble at the bookmakers operating in that country. 

Will it work? Yes, but only till you need to verify your address, which can’t be done as you’re only in that location virtually. Then your IP will be checked to see if it’s a generic one being used by VPNs, and you say your goodbyes to your account.

Using Non-GamStop Sites

This is probably the most popular method used in bypassing GamStop’s restrictions. Rather than using VPNs, you can opt for UK betting platforms that don’t have a UK license.

If you’re an experienced gambler, you should know by now that the United Kingdom is not the only country in the world issuing licenses to betting sites. Only betting sites looking for UK clients can apply for a UKGC license. There are hundreds of sites/platforms on the internet that accepts all UK bettors create an account with them and place their wagers. They can be licensed from anywhere else in the world, as there are several Gambling Authorities across the globe that offers a license to betting platforms. This is the only method that can be recommended to gamblers.


GamStop UK was established to help gamblers in the United Kingdom control their gambling habits. While it has been working great, its strict restrictions make it impossible for gamblers to cancel their GamStop service. The aforementioned ways are the most popular methods gamers in the UK take to bypass GamStop, but you should only try out the last one, it is the best.

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