General Plumbing Issues that Require a Professional Plumber

When it comes to needing a repair done, most of us know that there are things you can fix yourself and things you need a tradesperson for. Then there are issues that look like they might be easily fixable, but it requires a professional. 

In the plumbing trade we find there are many common plumbing issues that require a professional plumber. Lets explore few major ones in the following: 

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is a very common reason for a plumber to be called out to a home or business. Drains can be blocked for any number of reasons, from tree roots cracking through the pipes to a buildup of fat, hair or debris in the drain. It’s easy to think that you can clear blocked drains on your own, and that may be true for a little while. When it comes to blockages caused by hair, fat and debris, eventually they will need to be cleaned correctly. For tree roots, a plumber will use a hydro jetter to cut through the roots in the pipe. A plumber can then replace any broken pipe to minimise the risk of it happening again. 

Dripping Taps 

Dripping taps are often a simple task to change, but as we touched on – there are tasks that look simple, but they really need a professional. A dripping tap can quickly turn into a tap that needs reseating or to be completely replaced. Some taps are also difficult to access to change parts – particularly wall taps like your shower and bathtub. 

Calling out a plumber in your local Sydney area is always your best option if you aren’t quite sure just how bad the tap is. 

Toilet Issues

Toilets are always an interesting one because the actual issue doesn’t always reflect what looks to be going wrong. Toilets can block up, and they can leak in multiple places. Unless you have the right equipment and know-how, a toilet repair is best left to the experts. 

Toilet issues are extremely important to have fixed quickly – a leaking toilet can use up to 25 times more water than a leaking shower can. That’s around 190 litres per day of water that could be getting wasted. Of course, having a working toilet that your family or work colleagues can use without fail is also extremely important. 

Gas Fittings and Repairs

Do you have gas? Finding a gas plumber to do gas fittings in Sydney that you can rely on is important. Having gas fittings that work correctly is essential – a gas leak could make someone seriously ill or kill them. If you have gas for cooking, heating or any other use in your house, make sure you schedule in for regular inspections of your gas fittings, and bottles (if you use them). This goes a long way towards helping your family stay safe. 

Hot Water Issues

As we go into the colder months, stepping into the shower to find no hot water can be a shocking start to the day or affect your winding down at night. Issues with the hot water cylinder should be left to a plumber, as it could be caused by:

  • Failure with the heating element
  • Build up of corrosion or sediment in the system
  • Broken or loose electrical components
  • Improper installation of the hot water cylinder
  • Incorrect size of the system 

If you’re having trouble with your hot water, whether it be at home or at work, calling a plumber in Sydney is important. Water that isn’t heated can harbour bacteria that could make your family or colleagues unwell. 

Commercial Plumbing

It’s not just homes that need plumbing repairs. If you own a business in Sydney, having a plumber on hand can make your day-to-day office life much easier. Quite often on a commercial site, no one has the time to repair broken taps, toilets or leaks, and you certainly don’t want these issues slowing your team down. 

Working with a plumber who knows the importance of time when working on a commercial site means that your staff can get on with their day quicker should there be a water leak or plumbing repair that needs doing. 

There are many plumbing repairs that can be required around the home that look like they are simple fixes, yet need servicing or repair by a professional plumber. Save yourself time and money by calling ProFlush to assist with your plumbing repairs.

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