How to Get a Criminal Record Expunged

If you’ve been accused or even convicted of a criminal offense, you may be concerned about the effects of those charges on your life. You may have already seen the effects of having an arrest record, and now you want to avoid further penalties.

Criminal record expunged - image for article 49939929It can be tough to avoid penalties for your criminal record unless you get your case expunged, which isn’t easy. In many cases, it’s best to seek out a Chicago criminal defense lawyer.

So, what can you expect when you’re seeking to get your criminal record expunged? Here’s a few tips and information you need when seeking a criminal record expungement.

Eligibility for Criminal Record Expungement

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re eligible at all. If you’re not, you and your lawyer may need to discuss your other options for dealing with your criminal record.

First, keep in mind that you may not be eligible for expungement if you were convicted. The process of expunging criminal records is generally reserved for those who were accused and charged with a crime, but the offense was pardoned, dismissed, or otherwise not found guilty.

However, certain criminal offenses cannot be expunged, even if you weren’t convicted of the crime. For example, if you were charged with sexual abuse, you may be unable to simply remove those charges from your criminal record. That means you may need to turn to your lawyer to untangle the complex expungement eligibility laws.

Chicago’s Expungement Process

If you’re eligible for expungement, you’ll then need to get started on your case. Typically, you’ll need to first gather all the information you have on your criminal record. You’ll need the dates and decisions on your case, your arrest record, and a statement from you requesting expungement. Once you’ve gathered this information, you can then file a petition for expungement.

This petition will be sent in for review, where your case will be considered. The judge will make a decision on each expungement request, and then the court will decide whether to approve your expungement. Once your case is expunged, you’ll be able to move on without that record.

Is Expungement My Best Option?

If your criminal record has affected your life, you may be concerned about taking the best steps to recover from your case. Because of this, you may be concerned about whether the trouble of getting your case expunged is worth it.

Once your case is expunged, that record will essentially stop existing. The case will be thrown out and will no longer appear on your record. Your record will be treated as though you were never arrested or tried, which makes avoiding the long-term costs of a conviction disappear.

Because of that, it may be worth it to seek an expungement. If you’re able to take that criminal offense completely off your record, you may have a better chance at jobs, housing, loans, and other future concerns.

Connect with a Chicago Expungement Lawyer

If you’re concerned about an arrest or case you were part of, you may need help getting your case expunged. You may have trouble getting a job or housing, so you’ll need to act to get your case expunged.

Fortunately, you may have a chance to clear your record and get help with your case. If you’re struggling to get your case expunged, you may need to connect to the right lawyer for your case. It won’t be easy to gather the information you need and to determine whether you even have a chance for expungement. Talk to a lawyer if you’re unsure how to get your criminal record expunged.


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