How to Get Your First 100 Sales on Amazon

The exact amount of turnover in Amazon 1.6 million packages per day. These are real statistics. Tomorrow, this figure may double. If you started a few years ago, you already have excellent e-commerce processes and perfect sales.

First 100 sales on Amazon

The exact amount of turnover in Amazon 1.6 million packages per day. These are real statistics. Tomorrow, this figure may double. If you started a few years ago, you already have excellent e-commerce processes and perfect sales.

You don’t need to prove that selling on Amazon is cool. And if you are just going to start your journey in online sales but still doubt, this figure speaks for itself. A good time to start was already several years ago. Today is another good time for that. Try it and see the statistics of your own store on Amazon organic sales report.

Offer That Helps Reach 100 Sales or More

It’s good when you already have a niche, and with the help of the Internet, you just expand your business and make the product available to people from all over the world. It’s another matter when the only thing you know is that you want to open an online store. It remains to choose a niche. Here, marketers are unanimous in their advice.

Analyze the key queries of users on the web to determine the relevant product

Use special applications or Google Ads for this. Also, Amazon Keyword Research Tool lets you see what people are looking for specifically on the site. WatchCount is another tool that can come in handy. It shows what sells well on eBay. Explore demand with all available tools. It will provide insight into the most popular products your potential customers need. Just give them what they need.

Amazon reviews will show what users are missing

Sometimes, there is a proposal that lacks certain characteristics. For example, you want to buy not individual products but kits that completely solve the problem. Let’s say, not a single hair mask but comprehensive care: shampoo, hair growth activator, and hair mask together.

In this case, you don’t have to search for positions separately; it is more convenient to take everything at once. In marketing, this is called “covering the client’s pain.” And you can do that if you spend a few days doing market research. Moreover, users themselves are ready to suggest what they would like to add to the cart.

Best Selling Categories on Amazon can serve as a starting point

The platform itself will help you find out which products are popular on Amazon. There is a Best Selling Categories tab for this. Take a look at this page and compare it with the information that was collected earlier.

Compare the data, and, based on such a simple analysis, you will already know in which category you will not have to wait long for your first client. You can also look at Google Trends to get a better idea of your chances of success in your chosen niche.

Offer your own product instead of selling wholesale one

When you buy someone else’s brands and then sell them, another person can do the same. To compete with you, others may cut prices. Comparing the same offers with different price tags, people prefer to save money and buy cheaper. This is their right. At the same time, it is your risk to reduce profits or the number of sales.

How Can a Newbie Get Started?

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Amazon has a services page. Go to it, select “Solutions” and then “Sell.” You will be prompted to choose a pool of instruments for individuals or businesses. The individual commission is $0.99 per item ordered. A Business plan costs $39.99 per month, and additional fees are there too. A complete list of them is indicated in the “Seller’s Commission” menu.

After registration, all settings and tools will open. They help to create and customize your online store, as well as promote it in different ways.

Ask People for Feedback

Feedback from customers will allow other people to be guided by the opinion of the first movers. This is how people begin to trust you and your store more. People must be sure that their package arrives on time, it won’t get lost, and there will be a warranty replacement. They must understand that they are buying a quality item from a reliable seller. Therefore, collect reviews. Politely ask your first customers to share their shopping experience. Help your potential audience grow into buyers.

Will You Be Able to Dropship?

You should understand that the site has strict rules regarding the service. Amazon is customer-oriented, which means that:

  • the seller fills out a questionnaire. This data must be indicated on all parcels.
  • the packaging shouldn’t contain contacts and addresses of unauthorized senders.
  • you are personally responsible for all customer returns by agreeing to the terms of use of the site.

On one hand, it would be convenient not to be directly responsible for the quality of the goods, not to rush with parcels, etc. Dropshipping also means that you don’t need to purchase goods for sale. You will not incur financial losses if seasonal items are not sold out. On the other hand, to dropship, you have to find another site.

How to Track Sales on Amazon

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When you register your store, you will eventually find that there are no sales reports in Amazon Seller Central that show organic sales and those generated from ads. Accordingly, the built-in toolkit of the site does not make it possible to collect complete analytics, track the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, and separate sales from organic and PPC separately.

But organic and PPC sales can be tracked using the SageSeller tool. Its functionality allows you to get any reports that are needed to understand the effectiveness of promotion and estimate the number of sales. Analytics with SageSeller provides reports on all orders received on Amazon:

  • Ad and Organic sales
  • Ad and Organic Orders
  • Ad and Organic Units

Analytics are provided for any selected period. To get sales data for a specific product, you just need to go to the Products Dashboard and select “Profit” from the menu.

And now, the good news time. If you’re new to Amazon and just starting to tread the path towards your first 100 online orders, SageSeller remains free for you. The service is aimed at supporting newbies. It gives you insight into all the benefits and advantages of granular analytics. You learn to sell and, at the same time, work with reports. So if you’re starting out, do it with SageSeller.

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